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How Planned Parenthood hooks kids on sex (WARNING: graphic material) Prostitution, porn, and abortion: three sides of the same coin. Sept. 25, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) - Never in human history has there been a time in which the buying and selling of human flesh, in one form or another, has been more prevalent.

Prostitution, porn, and abortion: three sides of the same coin

Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world. Pornography depicting the brutalization of women and girls is among the most popular material on the Internet. And abortion, the financed destruction of tiny human beings developing in the womb, claims the lives of almost 42 million pre-born children each year. The first time I fully realized how dehumanizing the “sex trade” is was when I was a teenager, walking through the streets of Amsterdam with a student group from my school to visit the Church of Our Lord in the Attic, a hidden house church from the 1600s. What our teachers had not realized when they planned the tour, however, is that we had to cut directly through the infamous Red Light District in order to get there.

The same thing struck me when traveling in Hungary earlier this year. Networks censor release of fifth Planned Parenthood baby parts video: continue lion coverage. (LiveActionNews) - It should have been a routine abortion in the early second trimester.

Networks censor release of fifth Planned Parenthood baby parts video: continue lion coverage

The woman was having her ninth abortion, as former Serbian abortionist Stojan Adasevic describes in the documentary “The First Hour.” Adasevic, who is now a pro-life leader in Serbia, had performed over 48,000 abortions before doubts about the procedure made him stop —other sources claim that number is closer to 60,000. Adasevic credits his pro-life conversion to two things: an unusual series of dreams, and this particularly disturbing experience he had while performing what should have been a routine abortion. He describes the procedure: I opened up the womb, tore the placenta, the birth waters flowed out, and I got to work on the inside with my abortion forceps. At three months, a preborn baby is fully formed with fingers and toes. Someone had spilled some iodine on a part of the table and the hand fell in such a way that the nerve endings came in contact with the iodine.

Amnistía Internacional promueve el aborto. A la att. de la dirección de Amnistía Internacional Les sigo desde hace años porque comparto con Uds. la preocupación por los graves abusos contra los derechos humanos y el respeto a la libertad de conciencia y de expresión.

Amnistía Internacional promueve el aborto

Desgraciadamente todavía debemos seguir trabajando en apoyo a los presos de conciencia, los refugiados y las dictaduras que violan los derechos humanos. Amnistía siempre fue la primera en levantar estas banderas. Ha hecho mucho y bien en defensa de los derechos humanos. Sin embargo, de un tiempo a esta parte, observo un cambio en su orientación. Han promovido el “derecho” al aborto en Paraguay, El Salvador, Chile, Argentina, México y ahora en Irlanda y ¡nada menos que ante el Comité de Derechos Humanos de la ONU! Quiero que sepa que mientras siga defendiendo el aborto no podrá contar conmigo. Me parece obvio que la defensa de los derechos humanos pasa por la defensa del primero de los derechos, el derecho a la vida. "O aborto legal está completamente fora do controlo" É com 35 mil assinaturas que um movimento de cidadãos pretende obrigar o Parlamentar a apreciar e a votar um conjunto de alterações à lei da interrupção voluntária da gravidez (IVG) e implementar medidas de "apoio à maternidade e paternidade".

"O aborto legal está completamente fora do controlo"

As modificações passam, por exemplo, por "pôr termo à actual equiparação entre IVG e maternidade para efeitos de prestações sociais", obrigar as grávidas a assinar as ecografias feitas para determinação do tempo de gestação e a aplicação de taxas moderadoras neste acto. "Portugal é dos poucos países europeus, se não mesmo o único, em que o aborto legal é gratuito", diz, em entrevista à Renascença, António Pinheiro Torres, advogado, antigo deputado do PSD e um dos rostos da iniciativa "Pelo Direito a Nascer". Querem obrigar o Parlamento a apreciar um conjunto de mexidas na lei da interrupção da gravidez. O que vos levou a avançar para esta petição? Fazem um balanço negativo da lei. The architect of the greatest genocide in history. Text smaller Text bigger When Harvard University Press published “The Black Book of Communism” in 1999, many readers were astonished to learn that communism had resulted in the deaths of at least 100 million people, an absolutely staggering number.

The architect of the greatest genocide in history

But even that number pales in comparison to the number of babies killed by abortion since 1920 – more than 1 billion. According to, Thomas Jacobson of the Global Life Campaign “stated that he has very carefully tracked all actual reported numbers of international abortions from 1920 forward and found that the total has exceeded 1 billion since that time. That, he emphasizes, ‘makes abortion the greatest genocide in history’” – 10 times greater than communism with all its deadly effects. And the greatest proponent of abortion in history is none other than Margaret Sanger, dubbed the “Killer Angel” in George Grant’s short biographical study of the founder of Planned Parenthood.

Quite the contrary. Generation Healthy?