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Joe Douglas

Computer Teacher at Lansing Middle School in Lansing, Kansas

Understanding Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons, as they apply to Education. As we studied this topic in an online course I’m taking, I realized how little I understood it, and figured I wasn’t alone in that regard. After studying this topic in the “Implementing Instructional Technology Innovations” course I am taking online at UW-Stout with instructor Ann Bell, I wanted to understand it even better, since I struggled with it in the fast paced course as we covered it. I have to imagine that I am not alone in my confusion over how I can or can’t use copyrighted materials, especially in education, where there are some special allowances. I assume that when instructors want to know what they can or cannot do with copyrighted materials, they may often have a hard time figuring it out.

I really wanted to understand the topic and provide resources to help others do the same. Similarly, understanding how to leverage Creative Commons licensing was also not terribly straightforward, and I wanted to understand that better too. Using Copyrighted Materials - “Fair Use” Digital Citizenship Videos.

6th grade Computers