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Logiciel recherche cc. Recherche. Rechercher des images. Icônes & Images. Recueils de photos. Référencement. Tutoriel et droit à l'image. Carte des illustrations pour le mindmapping. Un nouveau moteur de recherche d'images animées GIF avec Giphy. Search in a Giphy. Banques d'images. Gratuites (anglais) Icon Sets: 5 questions to ask before you buy or download.

Back before I started eLearningArt, I worked on a consulting project in a niche industry that had a limited supply of useful stock images.

Icon Sets: 5 questions to ask before you buy or download

Given our budget, conducting a custom photo-shoot was out of the question. On the other end of the spectrum, we also didn’t want the unprofessional feel of using mismatched clipart. Instead, we developed our own set of matching icon images to use throughout the series of courses.

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