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E-Learning - Travail Collaboratif en communauté virtuelle - lepagegilles.

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Cours et présentations. Cours vs elearning (convert) Débuter... Efficacité du elearning. Elearning, mentoring (blended learning) Méthodologie e-learning. Planning (avant, pendant, après) Rapid elearning. Scénario. Organisez votre scénario pédagogique avec le mindmapping. Un petit rappel : Le mindmapping ou la carte heuristique est une méthode très créative pour structurer l’information et ses idées.

Organisez votre scénario pédagogique avec le mindmapping

Si vous adoptez cette méthode pour gérer votre ingénierie pédagogique vous prendrez conscience que la carte mentale peut réellement optimiser la construction et la scénarisation de vos séquences de formation. Pour vous en convaincre j’ai créé une map qui vous permettra de gérer votre ingénierie. Vous trouverez ci-dessous une vidéo de démonstration et à la fin de cet article le lien pour télécharger la carte au format Mindmanager. Les chapitres qui suivent vous guideront dans l’exploitation de cette carte Présentation de l’organisation de la carte Au centre de la carte on retrouve l’objectif global du module ou la compétence à acquérir par exemple “développer une stratégie de vieille sur internet”.

Les séquences Les premiers sujets sont dédiés à la scénarisation de vos séquences et nous prendrons comme exemple ce module qui contient 7 séquences.

Structure des dossiers et PPT

Rapid Learning : Avantages et inconvénients. Portail de la musique contemporaine en France - French Gateway to Contemporary Music Resources. 3 Simple Techniques to Guide Your Learner’s Attention. Think of learning and instructional design from the perspective of playing the “I Spy” game.

3 Simple Techniques to Guide Your Learner’s Attention

You say, “I spy with my little eye…a red box.” And then you wait forever while the other game players look for the red box. Maybe they find it; maybe they don’t. In either case, you’re at the whim of the ones looking for the box because you don’t control how they go about looking for it and whether or not they even find it. Instructional design is like starting with, “I spy a red box over there in the corner under the picture of the sailboat.” Ultimately, how you structure and present your content impacts how people learn and gain their understanding. Show them the big picture and let them see everything in context.

You can present all of the information at one time. One of the challenges can be that the learner might “see” the information, but might not really be making the right connections. One way to address this is to guide them to look for specific information on the screen. Watch the demo. Here’s What You Need to Know About Informal Learning. Last week I was at the Learning Solutions Conference in Orlando and got to spend a few minutes with my mentor, Dr.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Informal Learning

Werner Oppelbaumer. I asked him for a quick interview to share what’s happening in his world of elearning and business in general. The last time we talked, you were working on some new technologies at Werner Labs. Is there anything that you can share with us today? As you know, we’re a research lab and many of our projects are confidential. With the current economic conditions, every business is trying to cut expenses and maximize the money they make. We’ve developed a solution that we’ll be marketing as the Toot-N-Scoot™. The 7 Styles Of Learning: Which Works For You? The 7 Styles Of Learning: Which Works For You? Resources. Storyboard Depot A collection of storyboard templates you can download to use for projects.


You never have to worry about how to storyboard again. Stock Photo and Illustration Sites On the hunt for stock images? Here is a growing list of sites that provide stock photos and illustrations. PowerPoint Grids A collection of grids to use with PowerPoint or authoring tools to provide structure to your designs. eLearning Freebies.

PowerPoint for E-Learning. To successfully use PowerPoint for rapid elearning, you need to do two things: Rethink how you use PowerPoint.

PowerPoint for E-Learning

Most people approach it from a linear presentation mindset, building slides the same way they would for face-to-face presentations. That just doesn’t work for elearning.Learn to use PowerPoint’s features. Once you scratch the surface of the tools available in PowerPoint, you’ll see it’s more than adequate for building great elearning. In many ways it’s the ideal choice because it offers a blend of speed, ease-of-use, and cost savings.

The following posts explore lots of practical, hands-on tips and tricks for using PowerPoint to create elearning. PDF Guide du rapid learning. FREE eLearning ROI Calculator. One of the biggest challenges facing eLearning professionals today is convincing leadership that it makes good business sense to implement an eLearning program.

FREE eLearning ROI Calculator

The corporate decision makers are often gun-shy of eLearning because they feel that can’t effectively measure its success (of course, we know this not to be true). Undoubtedly, someone in the room will ask how to measure the ROI of an eLearning implementation. ROI can mean a lot of things, but to company decision makers, it is their way of asking: “how much money will we this make/save the company?” Knowing you will likely face these questions ahead of time, it is probably in your best interest to download this free eLearning ROI calculator [Microsoft Excel Format] created by the good people at Interact Medical.

Simply fill out the necessary fields and PRESTO! Enjoy! Justin Ferriman is the Founder of LearnDash, a WordPress based LMS and Learning Strategy provider.