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Scott McCloud. - Understanding Comics. 224 pages. - Understanding Comics

Black and White with 8-page color section. A 215-page comic book about comics that explains the inner workings of the medium and examines many aspects of visual communication. Understanding Comics has been translated into 16 languages, excerpted in textbooks, and its ideas applied in other fields such as game design, animation, web development, and interface design. Winner of the Harvey and Eisner Award, the Alph'art Award at Angoulême, and a New York Times Notable Book for 1994 (mass market edition). Topics include: Definitions, history, and potential. “With Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics the dialogue on and about what comics are and, more importantly, what comics can be has begun. -- Neil Gaiman, Coraline, The Graveyard Book "If you've ever felt bad about wasting your life reading comics, then check out Scott McCloud's classic book immediately. -- Matt Groening, The Simpsons -- Alan Moore, Watchmen -- Art Spiegelman, Maus, Breakdowns -- Warren Ellis -- Publisher’s Weekly.

Keith Smith Books - My Books. X-TRA. Bruno Munari, Constellations of The Zodiac, 1975.


Pierced silver discs. © Bruno Munari. Courtesy Corraini Edizioni. The egg has a perfect form even though it comes out of a butt. -Bruno Munari1 I never thought looking at a Xerox copy made in the 1970s of some string swirled around on a copier’s glass would lead to months of research, slide lectures, and inspiration for several projects, plus a class syllabus. Bruno Munari, Roses In The Salad, 1983. You might wonder why a trip from the library to the grocery store ends up in art, not in salads. Munari also published articles and books of essays about the overlap of art and design and the changing roles of art in contemporary society, perhaps the most famous being Design As Art.

Bruno Munari, The First Children’s Workshop In Brera, Milan, 1977. © Bruno Munari. I started making zines as a teenager, not as diaries but as practice journalism, as a way to fix my stance on fantasy topics. MunArt - The most complete web site dedicated to Bruno Munari. Draw it with your eyes closed. Distress Press The Ultimate Distressing Effects Kit + Tutorial - Extras - YouWorkForThem. Whether You're beating your subject into submission or carefully teasing-out a triumphant result, our distress press distressing effects kit it so effective you'll probably cry.

Distress Press The Ultimate Distressing Effects Kit + Tutorial - Extras - YouWorkForThem

Distress press's savagely powerful roughening action and precisely focussed texture brushes allow you to quickly and easily create bespoke distressing and texture treatment for your artwork whilst taking complete control of the entire process. Most other distressing and letterpress kits work by combining just one repetitive filter action with blanket texture overlays that lack nuance and flexibility.

The results often feel generic, robotic and stiff. Distress Press puts the care and craft back into distressing by combining multiple distressing effects and advanced masking techniques with pro-quality precision texture brushes to create authentic results that save you time, strain and pain. View a live demonstration here >>>> Features: Over 110 high carefully crafted, pressure sensitive brushes. Photoshop CS5 and up. Sacrés Caractères !

Lettering Comic Books with Illustrator. Overview Transcript View Offline Exercise Files Released Creating the lettering for comic books is not just about capturing the tone in which the words are said (from the loudest scream to the softest whisper) or the sound of noises being made (like BANG or POW).

Lettering Comic Books with Illustrator

It's also about understanding the structure of comics: a unique storytelling format that leads readers from panel to panel around each page and through the story. This course deconstructs the lettering process for comics, in terms of how to think about lettering and how to execute your vision in Adobe Illustrator. Professional artist John Roshell begins with a brief history of comics and then jumps into the design of word balloons, type treatment, captions, and sound effects. Skill Level Beginner 2h 48m Duration Views Show More Show Less Continue Assessment You started this assessment previously and didn't complete it. Online Video Tutorials & Training. Unit Grid System. MOOC or LESS? The first segment of CalArts Specialization in Graphic Design MOOC launched on Coursera in October last year.


Since then the Fundamentals course has been joined by Typography and Imagemaking courses, with Design History and a capstone project completing the cluster of courses in the coming Summer. As Michael Worthington explains, what seems antithetical to CalArts model of education may well turn out to be one of its best allies… I have to admit I was entirely skeptical when it came to online education. I’d seen so many talking head videos, with bad production quality, populated by uncomfortable academics forced in front of the camera to explain things far more nervously than they would do in a classroom setting. But with education costs soaring I was intrigued with the idea that some beginning fundamentals could be taught more cheaply outside the classroom and online; and perhaps make space for more advanced education to take place at the high fees institute.

Features & Highlights from the CalArts Graphic Design Community. Thinking with Type. A Type Primer by John Kane.