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Smarter Balanced Digital Library

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TIE Conference Digital Library Overview 1 hr. TIE Conference Digital Library In Depth 4 hr. Emoji Get to Know You Activity. “Emoji and emoticons have developed to mean much more in language than the faces they represent.”- Lauren Collister (2015) For the past year, I’ve been studying how learners use emoticons, emoji, and text speak to communicate, read and write.

Emoji Get to Know You Activity

Emojis are part of digital literacy and citizenship. When our learners use emojis in their writings, they are humanizing their digital experience. Home - Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium. Digital Library Factsheet. South Dakota Smarter Balanced Assessment Portal. Smarter Balanced Digital Library Home. The Four Attributes of the Formative Assessment Process. SD SNE Digital Library Video. Triangle-Square-Circle. STAAR SCORES ARE IN. It's Not About The Nail.

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