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2015 Rainbow List « Rainbow Book List. The Rainbow Book List Committee proudly announces the 2015 Rainbow List.

2015 Rainbow List « Rainbow Book List

The Rainbow List is a bibliography of books with significant gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender content, and which are aimed at youth, birth through age 18. The list is intended to aid youth in selecting high-quality books which were published between July 2013 and December 2014. The list also is intended to aid as a collection development or reader’s advisory tool for librarians serving children and young adults. The committee members evaluated over 140 books from small, independent, and large publishers, and selected 24 books from 15 publishers for the 2015 Rainbow List. Among the 150 books evaluated by the committee, committee members noted an increase in the number of titles featuring authentic trans voices as well as an increase in picture books.

Titles noted with an asterisk (*) are a Top Ten Title. Juvenile Fiction Federle, Tim. YA Fiction. 9 Things Gender Nonconforming People Are Tired of Hearing. Last December, 8-year-old Shiloh Jolie-Pitt attended a film premiere with their movie-star parents Brad and Angelina.

9 Things Gender Nonconforming People Are Tired of Hearing

Jolie-Pitt surprised the world by wearing a suit, and their mother made it clear they prefer the name "John. " While the appearance was inspiring for many, others asked whether or not John has "issues," is confused about gender identity or just wants extra attention as a middle sibling. Such speculation missed the point, and instead reinforced common misconceptions about gender nonconforming people. As Mic's Marcie Bianco noted in December, experts are seeing more young people question their gender than ever before. Yet common, fundamental misunderstandings about how gender works has people who don't identify as expected encountering a nasty barrage of comments about their identity. Human rights are nice, but they shouldn't be enshrined in law. North Korea is outraged over an upcoming conference in Washington DC about its human rights abuses, to which it has not been invited.

Human rights are nice, but they shouldn't be enshrined in law

Pyongyang strongly denies that it has been alienating the human rights of the North Korean people and is threatening to “respond very strongly” to the fact that it is being attacked in this way. It is a reminder that even international pariahs usually strongly deny human rights accusations. Human rights are almost universally accepted not only as a yardstick for judging our actions, but as a sort of all-conquering legal code whose transgression often attracts the heaviest of penalties. In the latter regard at least, I’m afraid we are deeply misguided. Whose rights anyway? Homelessness statistics. Homelessness Australia currently uses statistics from the ABS Census of Housing and Population and the AIHW Specialist Homeless Services data collection for their statistics.

Homelessness statistics

The ABS Census is conducted every five years, with the most recent release being for 2011. There are currently 105,237 people in Australia who are homeless. The rate of homelessness (which takes into account population density) is 49 out of every 10,000 people (0.5% of the population). 25% (or 26,744) are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. Summary Of What The Dog Saw Chapter 8: Million-Dollar Murray - Quicklet on What The Dog Saw. Why Problems like Homelessness May Be Easier to Solve Than to Manage The problem of homelessness does not have a quick or easy solution.

Summary Of What The Dog Saw Chapter 8: Million-Dollar Murray - Quicklet on What The Dog Saw

There simply isn’t enough money to go around, and to try to help everyone a little bit, isn’t as effective as helping a few people a lot. Our usual moral intuitions are of little use here when it comes to hard cases. Gladwell summarizes, “We can be true to our principles or we can fix the problem. We cannot do both.” When homelessness surfaced as a national issue in the 1980s, a graduate student named Dennis Culhane put together a database to track who was coming in and out of the shelter system. The city of Denver started a program where they issued apartments to the people with the biggest problems who were chronically homeless, with the thought that keeping them out of the shelters would save the city money.

Oasis Youth Support Network » Sac_Asst_Central_Material_2009. Bikies, Bra Boys, drug traffickers nabbed after Strike Force Taipan raids in Sydney. Daily Telegraph 26.08.14 Islamic subculture. Bondi culture and subcultures. Besides the obvious allure of our attention-grabbing beach, one of the greatest features of bondi is the marvellous melting pot mish-mash of our community members.

bondi culture and subcultures

From fashionistas to freaks, Jews to Jamaicans, gung-ho grommets to golden oldies. Yep, we’ve got it all. This diversity results in a fabulous fusion of creativity, vibrancy and celebration of individuality. Bondi beach recently made it into the top 5 Sydney destinations for event & festival awareness (and of course we were clear winners when it came to association with the beach). Check out our events page showcasing our various cultural celebrations. Here’s a few distinct bondi beach subcultures that I’m aware of. . - Surfers (from grommets to grandfolk) - Skaters (thanks to the awesome local skate park) (see Bowl-A-Rama) - Musicians (see events & courses) - Artists (see Bondi Pavilion Gallery) - Jews (a large, vibrant local community) Devtsubc. Conformity and non-conformity. Non conformity.