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Facebook Twitter Revised Common Lectionary, Vanderbilt Divinity Library. The United Methodist Portal. Blogging benefits: Pastors discover online community enhances preaching Amy Forbus, Mar 18, 2008 By Amy Forbus Digital Community Builder United Methodist pastors are finding that online community over the Internet flexes their theological muscles, and their preaching and ministry are better for it. Though most may not receive as much feedback as their mega-church counterparts (the Rev. Adam Hamilton at Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kan., for instance, sometimes receives more than 50 comments on a single blog entry), United Methodist pastors are increasingly using technology to engage people in discussion and spiritual reflection at times other than Sunday morning. And those who may not meet regularly with a group of other pastors sometimes find that online tools such as e-mail and blogs (short for “weblog,” or an online journal) can help address that need, too.

The Rev. Mr. The Rev. Ms. “I find it very helpful to share experiences and ideas with others,” Ms. The Rev. The Rev. SERMONS & SERMON - LECTIONARY RESOURCES (Part of the ChristianGlobe Network) Pastor's Pointers Sermon, Worship & Bible Links - links to religious resources for all denominations. James Kiefer's Hagiographies. John Mark Ministries. Facts - Information - Research - refdesk. FACTS SUBJECT INDEX Mon, Oct 3, 2016 Essential Reference Tools / Fast Facts / Reference Desk [ Search Net ] [ Facts Subject Index ] [ Facts Encyclopedia ] [ Newspapers USA/World ] [ Report Broken Links ][ Fast Facts ] [ First Things First ] [ Quick Reference ] [ Site Map ] [ Top of Page ] [ HOME ]

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Bill Loader's Home Page. Past Prayers. SUMMA THEOLOGICA! Home. Because the doctor of Catholic truth ought not only to teach the proficient, but also to instruct beginners (according to the Apostle: As unto little ones in Christ, I gave you milk to drink, not meat -- 1 Corinthians 3:1-2), we purpose in this book to treat of whatever belongs to the Christian religion, in such a way as may tend to the instruction of beginners.


We have considered that students in this doctrine have not seldom been hampered by what they have found written by other authors, partly on account of the multiplication of useless questions, articles, and arguments, partly also because those things that are needful for them to know are not taught according to the order of the subject matter, but according as the plan of the book might require, or the occasion of the argument offer, partly, too, because frequent repetition brought weariness and confusion to the minds of readers. PRIMA PARS.Sacred Doctrine. The One God. The Blessed Trinity. Creation. TERTIA PARS.The Incarnation. Welcome! A Catholic Page for Lovers. The Funny Firm- Funny Quotes. Christus Rex. The Crossings Community. SERMON & SERMON - LECTIONARY RESOURCES. Quotation Launch Pad. Jesus radicals. Jewish Heritage Online Magazine.

Pastor's Pointers Text Only Version. St. Jerome's Prefaces 1. NET Bible ! The Biblical Studies Foundation. College of Preachers - Home. Homiletics Online Home Page. John Shepler Portfolio of Articles. Kaj Munk. Danish playwright and priest, whose outspoken, passionately patriotic sermons during World War II led to his being killed by the Nazis.

Kaj Munk

Munk helped revitalize the Danish theatre by his rejection of the naturalistic drama in favor of the more spiritually oriented plays. Dominant features in Munk's writings were his deep Christian faith and admiration for the strong-willed man of action. "Mester med den tunge Tornekrone jeg kan ikke følge efter dig, naar en Præestegaard, en venlig Kone og to raske Drenge lokker mig. " (from 'Mester med de tunge Tornekrone', 1921) Kaj Munk was born Kaj Harald Leininger Petersen on the island of Lolland. The young Kaj was raised by a family named Munk – they were distant relatives – in Opager. Munk was educated at the Nykøping Cathedral School and at the University of Copenhagen, where he took a degree in theology in 1924.

As a playwrigt Munk started with Pilatus (1917), written at the Nykøping Cathedral School, but not published until 1937. Selected works: Holwick's sermon page, Sermons from Duke University Chapel. Preaching Peace. Religion online. Stepping Stones for Worship & Preaching. Clergy Christian Resource Institute, The Voice, Main Menu.