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Budgets, Hiring in IT is Growing, BARC survey says. Society for Information Management Members Say IT is Shifting In the annual survey of CIOs and IT executives from the Society for Information Management, IT showed positive signs for the future. Budget issues have dropped down on the list of top concerns among CIOs, and companies continue to invest in staff as well business intelligence and emerging technologies like cloud computing. Read the story here. 2 of 8 Budgets, Hiring in IT is Growing Projected 2012 spending levels are set to increase overall, as 85 percent of the 275 organizations participating reported that IT budgets will stay the same or increase in 2012, and 94 percent of respondents said staff salaries will stay the same or increase in 2012. TechRepublic - A Resource for IT Professionals. Human Factors and Ergonomics Society: Preparing for a Career in Human Factors/Ergonomics. Preparing for a Career in Human Factors/Ergonomics: A Resource Guide Preface Over the years, the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society has introduced a variety of programs to help students and other professionals considering a career change prepare for and find appropriate and meaningful employment.

These programs include the establishment of the year-round Career Center, articles in Human Factors publications (such as Technical Group newsletters, the HFES Bulletin, and Ergonomics in Design ), and panel discussions at the annual meeting. In the 1990s, HFES began to collect relevant career articles and make them available in one convenient handbook. This year, the handbook has been revised and expanded. This online compilation contains four sections. The second section features reviews of jobs posted through the Career Center, which enables HFES members to post their résumés and employers to search the candidate database and also list available jobs. Ronald G. Panel Discussions Resources. Job profiles | Careers and skills | Qualifications, Training, Careers. search IT Jobs online. SFIA Foundation | SFIA Home | SFIA Foundation. BCS - The Chartered Institute for IT. Information Technology Industry Market Research Reports, August 2012. Mputer-People-IT-Monitor-March2012. Login. New e-skills UK research shows demand for IT staff at a record high. Posted on: 04/07/12 The latest Technology Insights research report from e-skills UK, launched today, reveals that IT employment through to 2020 is forecast to grow at almost twice the UK average. A record 129,000 new recruits a year are needed to fill IT & Telecoms jobs in the UK, both brand new jobs and to replace those leaving the sector.

The highest levels of employment growth are in high skill areas like software professionals, ICT managers, and IT strategy and planning professionals. The number of advertised vacancies has also recovered dramatically from a low point of 82,000 per quarter in 2009 to more than 116,000 per quarter in 2011. Development, design and support roles are those most advertised, and the most common technical skills requirements are SQL, C, C#, .NET and Java. Speaking about the research, Karen Price, CEO of e-skills UK, said; "Technology Insights 2012 shows how important IT and Telecoms is to the competitiveness and economic growth of the UK. UK IT employment grows twice as fast as average. The employment of IT professionals will grow twice as fast as the average across sectors up to 2020 with 129,000 new recruits needed every year to meet demand for IT and telecoms workers.

Research from e-Skills UK found that last year there were over 116,000 jobs advertised every quarter compared to 82,000 every quarter in 2009. The latest Technology Insights research report from e-Skills revealed that the highest levels of employment growth are in areas such as software professionals, IT managers, and IT strategy and planning professionals. Development, design and support roles are those most advertised, and the most common technical skills requirements are SQL, C, C#, .Net and Java, according to the findings. "Technology Insights 2012 shows how important IT and telecoms is to the competitiveness and economic growth of the UK,” said Karen Price, CEO of e-Skills UK.

Email Alerts Register now to receive IT-related news, guides and more, delivered to your inbox. Largest IT employment gains in four years reported. The nation's employment outlook for IT professionals has suddenly surged, gaining 18,200 jobs, the largest monthly increase since 2008, according to tech employment-research firm Foote Partners. Java developer most difficult tech job to fill: Survey In July, 4,900 new IT jobs were added in two job segments, telecommunications, and separately "data processing, hosting and related services," Foote Partners said today. Also added were 13,300 other jobs in sectors called "management and technical consulting services" and "computer systems design/related services.

" The firm says these last two categories, with a combined total of 242,000 jobs added in the past 24 months, have seen solid growth even in the midst of the nation's general economic malaise. To continue reading, register here to become an Insider It's FREE to join While his remarks were upbeat, Foote also adds that not all IT workers are equally benefiting from the jobs expansion. Java tops list of top 10 IT skills in demand. just released its monthly list of skills in demand, and the list is topped off by Java developers, followed by mobile developers, and .NET developers.

"Software developers" follows in the number 4 position, which presumably must be a catch-all term for developers in general. Those positions are cited by hiring managers and recruiters about double or triple the frequency of other skill sets in the employment marketplace, says Dice. The recruiting firm reports a total of 85,000 tech job openings, along with 36,000 contract IT positions across the United States. Dice's Alice Hill says the shortages companies face with these skills arise from a rapidly expanding market (in the case of mobile), as well as a requirement for experience.

Many companies aren't providing enough training to enable professionals to learn and come up through the ranks, however. Here are the top 10 skills in demand: 1) Java developer 2) Mobile developer 3) .NET developer 4) Software developer 5) Security. 10 most demanding IT jobs, rated. Many readers have been tethered to a pager (or now a smartphone) at some point in their career, driving down to the data center at 2 am to restart a system or fix a corrupt file in the database. It's not fun, but in an always-on, 24x7x365 world, someone has to keep the lights on. And while great strides have been made in IT automation, there still needs to be human operators to keep things humming.

Photo by Michael Krigsman Along these lines. Emerson Network Power just released an interesting report on “The Most Always-On IT Jobs,” based on a survey of 792 IT professionals in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the United States. The top 10 "Always On" IT positions include the following. 1.