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Kathy MacLeod. #SOYEAHDUH. So call me maybe! Rachel O'Hara (rachelohara1216) Born Asian. Fighting with the BF When I lose the fight… When he asks for makeup sex… Dancing in my apartment When I’m by myself… when someone walks in on me…

Born Asian

#whenatbrown. The Time I Studied Abroad. 30th Nov 2012 | 94 notes 23rd Nov 2012 | 87 notes *thanks for the gif theamericanalien 16th Nov 2012 | 33 notes 15th Nov 2012 | 38 notes *thanks auturo.

The Time I Studied Abroad

#whatshouldwecallmedschool. #whatshouldwecallme. All My Friends Are Still Dead. Comedy News, Viral Videos, Late Night TV, Political Humor, Funny Slideshows - HuffPost Comedy.