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Appalachian Awakening Sees Mass Salvations in West Virginia. Join us on our podcast each weekday for an interesting story, well told, from Charisma News.

Appalachian Awakening Sees Mass Salvations in West Virginia

Free2Work: End Human Trafficking and Slavery. Generation Alive > Programs > Defend Free > Fight Slavery Resources. Fight Slavery Resources Slavery is still happening today!

Generation Alive > Programs > Defend Free > Fight Slavery Resources

International Facts The majority of trafficking victims are between 18 and 24 years of age An estimated 1.2 million children are trafficked each year 95% of victims experienced physical or sexual violence during trafficking (based on data from selected European countries) 43% of victims are used for forced commercial sexual exploitation, of whom 98 per cent are women and girls 32% of victims are used for forced economic exploitation, of whom 56 per cent are women and girls Many trafficking victims have at least middle-level education National Facts Estimated between 14,500-17,500 human beings trafficked into the U.S. annually.

Spokane Area. Beyond the Talking Points: The Current Refugee Crisis. Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to be the judge of a high school debate competition.

Beyond the Talking Points: The Current Refugee Crisis

Not surprisingly one of the debate topics centered around “the current refugee crisis.” Home - The A21 Campaign. The Syrian Refugee Crisis Explained Perfectly With a Simple Animation & Video. In September 2015, the body of a three-year-old Syrian boy was found floating on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Syrian Refugee Crisis Explained Perfectly With a Simple Animation & Video

Photographs of the boy were quick to get circulated world over, and the world responded with a massive outcry over the Syrian civil war and refugee crisis. This was the first time the Syrian crisis was globally recognised as a burning issue, and one that needs to be addressed with utmost urgency. This video, by In a Nutshell , speaks about how the Syrian crisis is an international issue, and how it all started with countrywide unrest and the civil war in Syria.

The Nepal earthquakes have unleashed a mental health disaster. What happens when a disaster zone falls out of the media?

The Nepal earthquakes have unleashed a mental health disaster

What happens when the real impact of a disaster is not easy to see anyway? Last month’s earthquake in Nepal attracted frenzied international media attention. Powerful new earthquake hits devastated Nepal. A deadly magnitude 7.3 earthquake has struck Nepal and sent aftershocks through neighbouring India, two weeks after a devastating quake killed more than 8,000 people in the Himalayan nation.

Powerful new earthquake hits devastated Nepal

At least 45 people are known to have been killed and 1,115 people injured in Tuesday's quake, which struck the town of Namche Bazaar near the Mount Everest base camp, Nepalese officials said. Earlier on Tuesday, in Kathmandu, police issued a public warning calling for people to stay in open areas and to send text messages instead of making calls, to prevent the network from becoming jammed.

Al Jazeera's Andrew Simmons, reporting from Kathmandu, said the quake was so powerful that it made the building he was in "feel like jelly". India's home ministry said another 17 people were killed in India, mostly in the northern Bihar state, and tremors were felt as far away as New Delhi. A Warning from Canada: Same-Sex Marriage Erodes Fundamental Rights.

I am one of six adult children of gay parents who recently filed amicus briefs with the US Supreme Court, asking the Court to respect the authority of citizens to keep the original definition of marriage: a union between one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others, so that children may know and may be raised by their biological parents.

A Warning from Canada: Same-Sex Marriage Erodes Fundamental Rights

I also live in Canada, where same-sex marriage was federally mandated in 2005. I am the daughter of a gay father who died of AIDS. I described my experiences in my book: Out From Under: The Impact of Homosexual Parenting. Over fifty adult children who were raised by LGBT parents have communicated with me and share my concerns about same-sex marriage and parenting. Segregationist's son: Remove Confederate flag.

Major Earthquake Predicted for Philippines and Indonesia. Typhoon Haiyan. This article is about the 2013 typhoon.

Typhoon Haiyan

For other uses, see Haiyan. The thirtieth named storm of the 2013 Pacific typhoon season, Haiyan originated from an area of low pressure several hundred kilometers east-southeast of Pohnpei in the Federated States of Micronesia on November 2, 2013. Passengers of the RMS Titanic. Tufts Magazine / fall 2013. Last December, when Adam Lanza stormed into the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, with a rifle and killed twenty children and six adult staff members, the United States found itself immersed in debates about gun control.

Tufts Magazine / fall 2013

Iconic 9/11 figures: Where are they now? - US news - 9/11: Ten Years Later. After the Shooting At SPU: Desolation, Consolation... Hope  Nine aviation mysteries highlight long history of plane disappearances. A Vietnamese military official looks out a plane above Vietnam's sea Thursday in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet.

Nine aviation mysteries highlight long history of plane disappearances

This is not the first time a plane has vanished without a trace Eleven years ago, a Boeing 727 went missing in AngolaIn 1945, five Navy bombers disappeared on the Florida coast, never to be seen againWhile wreckage of some has been found, mysteries remain on the causes of the crashes (CNN) -- While such situations are rare, the puzzling disappearance of the Malaysian jetliner is not the first time a plane has vanished without a trace. Here are nine cases of mysterious plane disappearances and disasters. Some remain unsolved, decades later. 2014: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 The Boeing 777 passenger jet vanished early Saturday, about an hour into its flight from the Malaysian capital to Beijing. 8 Myths and Atrocities About Christopher Columbus and Columbus Day. On the second Monday of October each year, Native Americans cringe at the thought of honoring a man who committed atrocities against Indigenous Peoples. Columbus Day was conceived by the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic Fraternal organization, in the 1930s because they wanted a Catholic hero.

After President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the day into law as a federal holiday in 1937, the rest has been history. Hong Kong's unprecedented protests and police crackdown, explained. Protest marches and vigils are fairly common in Hong Kong, but what began on Friday and escalated dramatically on Sunday is unprecedented. Mass acts of civil disobedience were met by a shocking and swift police response, which has led to clashes in the streets and popular outrage so great that analysts can only guess at what will happen next. What's going on in Hong Kong right now is a very big deal, and for reasons that go way beyond just this weekend's protests. Hong Kong's citizens are protesting to keep their promised democratic rights, which they worry — with good reason — could be taken away by the central Chinese government in Beijing.

This moment is a sort of standoff between Hong Kong and China over the city's future, a confrontation that they have been building toward for almost 20 years. This began with a movement called Occupy Central but escalated when police surprised them with force. How Chris McCandless Died. Twenty-one years ago this month, on September 6, 1992, the decomposed body of Christopher McCandless was discovered by moose hunters just outside the northern boundary of Denali National Park. Searching for the plane truth.