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React.js Introduction For People Who Know Just Enough jQuery To Get By · React for Designers. Updates: Jul 15, 2016: Updated for React 15.

React.js Introduction For People Who Know Just Enough jQuery To Get By · React for Designers

I also heard React.js was good and recently spent some time playing with it. Now that I’m pretty comfortable with React, I decided to write a tutorial on this subject. Target Audience: People Who Know Just Enough jQuery to Get by Before I begin, I’d like to clarify who my target audience is. Zed Shaw, the author of “Learn Code the Hard Way” series, recently wrote an excellent blog post called Early v.s. Facebook Style Background Image Upload and Position Adjustment. I received many tutorial requests from my readers that asked to me how to design Facebook style ajax background image upload and position adjustment using Jquery.

Facebook Style Background Image Upload and Position Adjustment.

I have been published many tutorials about ajax image upload, this one is very interesting and it is a combination of many features. I has implemented this in Wall Script, this post will explain you how to design timeline HTML frame, CSS techniques and database design for background image system. Download Script Live Demo Note: Try this demo with mobile device. Users Table User table contains all the registered user details. CREATE TABLE users( user_id INT auto_increment primary key, username VARCHAR(30), email VARCHAR(100), name VARCHAR(100), passcode VARCHAR(100), profile_background VARCHAR(300), profile_background_position VARCHAR(10)); 66 CSS effects for notifications using animate.css. Autocomplete Search using Wikipedia API & jQuery. After a long time I’m writing this tutorial for my readers.

Autocomplete Search using Wikipedia API & jQuery

People have asked me How to implement autocomplete search using Wikipedia Opensearch API. What is Autocomplete Search? It is nothing but normal search box where it provides suggestions in a dropdown while typing the keyword in the text box. By using Wikipedia Opensearch API and jQuery Autocomplete UI, we can easily implement this feature without writing large lines of code. You need to include both jquery & jQuery UI script in the bottom of your page. jQuery & jQuery UI Plugin Code Code for Autocomplete Search From Wikipedia Please replace the ID or Classname of the search box in the below code The above code will send request to Wikipedia & it returns the suggestions based on the keyword via response in JSON format.

For more parameters please visit this url – View Live Demo Download. Gmail - Free Storage and Email from Google. Full-Screen Pushing Navigation in CSS and jQuery. A full page menu, that replaces the current content by pushing it off the screen.

Full-Screen Pushing Navigation in CSS and jQuery

Browser support ie Chrome Firefox Safari Opera 9+ We recently came across the beautiful Hello Monday redesign. One thing that captured our interest was the full size navigation: it replaces the current content entirely, by pushing it out. That inspired us to create todays nugget! Here is a quick prototype of the final effect we put together: Creating the structure The HTML is structured in 3 main elements: a <main> – containing the visible content, a – wrapping the navigation, and a .cd-nav-trigger action button. The .cd-nav is composed of 2 elements, the first containing the navigation (.cd-primary-nav) and the second the contact info (.cd-contact-info). Adding style When user clicks the .cd-nav-trigger, the .navigation-is-open class is added to the body: this class triggers the hamburger icon animation and the menu entrance. Step-by-step: Speed Up Wordpress with Varnish Software. How To Build a Trello Chrome Extension - API Authentication.

How to Build a Trello Chrome Extension How To Build a Trello Chrome Extension – API Authentication At SitePoint, we use Trello extensively.

How To Build a Trello Chrome Extension - API Authentication

Sure, it has its quirks and could use an improvement or two in various areas, but for the most part, it’s revolutionized the collaborative experience of not only staff, but also authors and their editors. I recently found myself needing to export card titles from a specific list for a non member. By default, Trello only supports full board exports to JSON and that’s something that crashes my tab on a board of over 100 members with hundreds of cards. Let’s make a Chrome extension that can do this for us! Building a Chrome Extension I figured the best approach would be an extension because a separate application doing only these exports might be too much. Bootstrapping. Dynamic Pricing Table - WebDesignCrowd. Introduction Today I’m going to recreate a Dynamic Pricing Table inspired by the pricing table from Website Chef.

Dynamic Pricing Table - WebDesignCrowd

The main point of this is to have an editable list of options that will recalculate the features and price of the whole table. As you toggle different addable “Packages” extra features will pop into view in the table as well as updating the overall price. Source: I tweaked the custom checkmark toggle buttons from here. Toggle Checkbox HTML Structure Here is the structure for the checkmark options. How to Build a Shrinking Fixed Top Bar With Foundation. A very common trend these days is the use of a fixed navigation, which shrinks to become less intrusive as the user scrolls down the page.

How to Build a Shrinking Fixed Top Bar With Foundation

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how you can achieve this by using ZURBs Foundation Top Bar, some custom sass and jQuery. To top it off we'll add a couple of media queries to make our menu responsive. Let's get started! You'll need a couple of things to get a good grip on this tutorial: Basic understanding of the Foundation TopbarBasic understanding of Foundation and The Grid SystemKnowledge of working with Sass and CompassA little experience in the use of jQuery for some events handling First, we're going to set up our working environment.

Create your new Foundation project and use compass watch to compile your project.