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Diary of a Not So Mad Man

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I figure it’s time I talked more about the purpose of my little blog.

Diary of a Not So Mad Man is about living life the way we should…about turning what we love into progress for the community…about rising above the troubles and tribulations poured upon us by government and monetary constraints…about doing what’s right for the community because it is what’s right, not because it’s the law…about freedom, not from tyranny or oppression, but from the illusion that we need to answer to their whim.
Okay, so I’m not Superman, hell, I’m not super anything…I’m simply an average guy struggling to make it in this world. My thought is, why is every average guy (yes I mean to include y’all girls too, quit getting your panties in a wad over semantics) struggling to make it? Why is it not the rare occasion for someone to be in this terminal state of struggle? How many patches can we put on society before it is considered mummified?
My next thought is why do we all prefer to wallow in our decaying mire instead of taking action to correct the situation? Is it because we have become complacent? Have we lost hope? Have we already drowned in despair and are simply waiting for the light to fade? Or do we simply lack the vision to do more than create patches for our flaws?
I see the problem residing in the foundations we have built our society on. Like a house built on sand, we must dedicate our efforts to patching and repairing our structure rather than pushing forward with progress. Well I say its time for a new foundation, a solid structure from which we can expand from without wasting our efforts to support what we already know is flawed.
We are our own dragons as well as our own heroes…How about you? Are you willing to sacrifice your clichés?Are you willing to take the steps necessary to save ourselves from ourselves? Then join me in my quest to correct the inherent flaws of society. Don’t worry, you can remain anonymous, I’ll be your martyr.
As Tom Robbins put it, ever so elegantly, “You should never hesitate to trade your cow for a handful of magic beans.”
Disclaimer: Diary of a Not So Mad Man expresses opinions which are my own personal and do not represent anyone else’s view in any way, including those of my employer.

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