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Aquariums & Zoos

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Virtual Zoo : WAZA : World Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Kruger National Park. Lincoln Park Zoo. Monterey Bay Aquarium. National Aquarium. National Zoo. About 1,800 animals from about 300 different species currently comprise the animal collection at the National Zoo and the Zoo's Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (SCBI), which is headquartered in Front Royal, Virginia.

National Zoo

About one-fifth of the species are endangered or threatened. Most species are on exhibit at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. A few are found only at the SCBI headquarters, which is not open to the public. Check out lists of and fact sheets about the species of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians, fish, and invertebrates in our collection. To find more information on these species and the Zoo's research and conservation initiatives for threatened and endangered species, use the links to various Animal Programs at left or go to Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute.

Read about many Zoo species in Smithsonian Zoogoer articles and throughout the site. Perth Zoo. Pittsburgh Zoo. Rosamond Gifford Zoo. St. Louis Zoo. SeaWorld. Each byte is a one-page fact sheet specifically designed to help you quickly find information about some of the interesting creatures found in the animal kingdom.


Most species files include coverage regarding scientific classification, basic physical traits, fun facts, and conservation/ecological value. Where available, links to more in-depth species coverage via our online infobooks are provided. Can't find the answer to your animal question here? Send your question to the SeaWorld/Busch Gardens animal experts at If you are age 12 or younger, please don't email us; have an adult (parent, guardian, teacher, etc.) send us an email with your question/request/comment instead. Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo. Wildlife Queensland (Australia) Wingham Wildlife Park.

We are open all year round 7 days a week apart from the Christmas period when we are closed on the 25th of December.

Wingham Wildlife Park

Please note that we do not accept cheque payment on the gate (with the exception of school groups). Winter (October – March) 10:00 am – 4:00 pm Summer (April – September) 10:00 am – 6:00 pm Last admission 1 hour before park closing, and indoor play area shuts at least 1 hour before closing (please check if you are coming for this area).

Children are not permitted to be in the park unattended, and will not be granted entry without an adult. Due to having free roaming animals in our park and being covered by the EU BALAI act we do not allow dogs (including guide dogs) in to the park – Remember dogs can die in hot cars, please leave them at home. Season Tickets: Pay a one-off price for unlimited entry to the park for a year! Group rates: are available for groups containing 16 paying persons or more. More Info. Denver Zoo. El Paso Zoo. Erie Zoo. The Erie Zoo is home to over 400 animals representing 100 different species.

Erie Zoo

Here are a few of the animals that call the Erie Zoo home. Click on each animal to see a photo and fact sheet. African Black-Footed Penguin African Lion African Wild Dog Amur Leopard Amur Tiger Bennett’s Wallaby’s Black and White Ruffed Lemur Black-Handed Spider Monkey Bornean Orangutan Brazilian Agouti Eastern Grey Kangaroo Golden Lion Tamarin Grant’s Zebra Jaguar Meerkat Miniature Zebu Naked Mole-Rat North American River Otter Red Panda Reticulated Giraffe. San Diego Zoo - Kids. San Diego Zoo Animals A-Z. Atlanta Zoo.

Australia Zoo's Animal Facts. Mammals Mammals are the highest class of vertebrates and the female has mammary glands which secrete milk for the nourishment of young after birth.

Australia Zoo's Animal Facts

Mammals are warm-blooded and the majority of their body is covered with hair. Mammals give birth to live young (except the platypus and echidna, who lay eggs). They also have three middle ear bones. Most mammals live solely on land, but there are several groups that have specifically evolved to exist solely in aquatic environments (dolphins and whales) one of which is the largest of all animals. Binturong Camels Cheetahs Dingoes Echidnas Foxes Giraffe Goats Kangaroos Koalas Lemurs Otters Possums and Gliders Red Panda Rhinoceros Tasmanian Devils Tigers Wombats Zebra Birds Birds are warm-blooded, egg-laying, vertebrate animals.

Depending upon the species, birds feed on a variety of food sources; nectar, seeds, insects, rodents, fish and even on other birds however all have specific adaptations to aid in their individual feeding technique. Blank Park Zoo (Iowa) Dallas Zoo.