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Time travel themed hex-tile MMORTS Embark on an epic crusade across all of space and time in real time. From humble beginnings in a safe green valley, explore and conquer thousands of realms by land and by sea. Collect resources, build an army, and crush those who dare challenge you (or just plant flowers and raise ponies). 1 universe. 323 realms. 3,795 players. 670,772 units. Time travel themed hex-tile MMORTS
Super Mario War is a Super Mario multiplayer game. The goal is to stomp as many other Marios as possible to win the game. It's a tribute to Nintendo and the game Mario War by Samuele Poletto. The Official Super Mario War Website The Official Super Mario War Website
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BrowserQuest - Mostly metric! Some time ago, I added animated tiles which loop through frames endlessly and can add a lot to a mappack if done right. Then about a week ago, I made it so the animated tiles can have different properties (like collision or underwater) on each frame, which would allow you to make those megaman blocks that disappear and are a general pain in the ass (unless you use jet rush..) Yesterday I went and made those tiles triggerable with the input/output system in Mari0 and now you can do quite a lot with them. - Mostly metric!