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Management and business performances

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3. Management 3.0

1. Management interculturel. 2. Community management. How to Make Your Data Pretty? Utilize These Data Visualization Tools. Tired of showcasing the same old boring tables to your management? A spice of colors and layout brings life to data representation. If you need to understand million rows of data and you are short on time. The data might be coming from different sources and you may need to compile it to get a holistic view to make a decision on it. In order to make the meaning of the information effectively, Data Visualization is an important answer.Data Visualization is an art for visual communication which enhances the expression of data in to one collective graphic for anyone to digest and action upon.

The best of the data visualizations explain something complex in a digestible format and expose something underlying which cannot be visible to the naked eye. You need to adopt the language of visual communication and you need to learn it fast. Online Data Visualization Tools: Infogram is one of the first data visualization tools i used and has been my favorite ever since.

4. Knowledge management