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Eddie Chauncy: WHAT ARE ONTOLOGY AND EPISTEMOLOGY? In philosophy, some things stick in your head, and some don't. Many people have trouble understanding, and then remembering, what ontology and epistemology are. They don't seem to fall naturally into the head as memorable or useful concepts. Here is an attempt to make things a bit clearer, in the context of social psychology. This word comes from the greek: ontos = being, and logos = study - i.e. it is the study of being.

Your 'ontology' is your answer to the question: 'What is reality? ' (i.e. what can be said to really exist, or be?) It is important, because whatever assumption you make affects how you approach science. For example, if your ontological view is: 'Reality is a load of facts out there waiting to be discovered' then you are a Realist, and you might be comfortable with an experimental approach.

This word comes from the greek: episteme = knowledge, and logos = study - i.e. it is the study of knowledge. Your 'epistemology' is your answer to the question: 'How can I know reality? ' Master in Psychology Structure | University of Roehampton Online. What on earth are Ontology and Epistemology? - The Performance Solution. What on earth are Ontology and Epistemology? Dr Sally Vanson I am an NLP Master Trainer, sit on the accreditation panel of ANLP, the Research Committee of ICF and am CEO of The Performance Solution where as well as training professional coaches to get accreditation through ICF, we have designed, developed and run the world’s first NLP based Masters’ degree.

Our students are all practitioners and working with us is often their first foray into the unique jargon of the world of research. My purpose in writing is to explain in more depth the terms ontology and epistemology, and encourage you to reflect on your own philosophical position in research. Ontology and Epistemology are words very commonly used within academia, and although they can seem daunting when first encountered, their meaning for NLP research is simple. Ontological position Epistemology Having thought about the Ontological positions, the researcher must then consider the Epistemology of his/her work.

Interpretivism References; Social Psychology.