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Additive manufacturing

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Pourquoi l'imprimante 3D va révolutionner l'industrie. Can 3D Printing Go Green? It is clear there is a revolution going on in the do-it-yourself (DIY) or maker movement.

Can 3D Printing Go Green?

In fact, Chris Anderson, Wired Magazine’s former editor-in-chief, and others call it the new industrial revolution. At the heart of this revolution is micro-manufacturing, things like 3D printing that are quickly becoming accessible to anyone—and everyone. As 3D printing, and therefore rapid prototyping, reaches our desktops, millions of people are building what they want whenever they want it and innovation is moving at lighting speed. But with the growing revolution in 3D printing comes growing waste. Additive Manufacturing - The Next Industrial Revolution. DIY products. Anthony Atala: Printing a human kidney. Imprimante 3D : Un plâtre révolutionnaire conçu par un étudiant.

L’imprimante 3D conçue pour les plâtres a besoin de trois étapes.

Imprimante 3D : Un plâtre révolutionnaire conçu par un étudiant

Lors de la première étape, le membre fracturé du patient est scanné. Grâce à la 3D, les médecins obtiennent ensuite des vues numériques précises des muscles. La machine prend enfin le relais et conçoit un plâtre sur mesure, il correspond donc à la morphologie de la personne et cible la blessure.