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XLoader. BYJ48 Stepper Motor. There are many Types of Drivers , L293 , ULN2003 , A3967SLB , And More , The 28-BYJ48 Even comes with Breakout using ULN2003 As a Motor driver chip .

BYJ48 Stepper Motor

Specification for this Motor " And you can download datasheet from the attachment " Rated voltage : 5VDC Number of Phase 4 Speed Variation Ratio 1/64 Stride Angle 5.625° /64 Frequency 100Hz DC resistance 50Ω±7%(25℃) Idle In-traction Frequency > 600Hz Idle Out-traction Frequency > 1000Hz In-traction Torque >34.3mN.m(120Hz) Self-positioning Torque >34.3mN.m Friction torque 600-1200 Pull in torque 300 Insulation grade A. Arduino CNC Shield – 100% GRBL Compatable.

Do it yourself CNC projects are popping up everywhere and we decided that we wanted to contribute to the growth.

Arduino CNC Shield – 100% GRBL Compatable

Here are a few of our design goals: Modular Design – We wanted to do more than just keep cost down. We wanted things to be reusable and up-gradable. (Arduino , Individual Stepper Motor Drivers and more…)Compact Design – Squeezing a 4 axis design into a board the same size and Arduino Uno.Opensource Software – 100% GRBL compatible (G-Code Interpreter)Evolving Development – We are keen to improve on the design and welcome all feedback. Arduino CNC Shield V3.10 – GRBL v0.9 compatible (PWM Spindle + Soft limits) Hardware Fiddle. XLoader. XLoader. Winder/Universal-G-Code-Sender: A Java based GRBL compatible cross-platform G-Code sender. Grbl/grbl: An open source, embedded, high performance g-code-parser and CNC milling controller written in optimized C that will run on a straight Arduino.