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Releases · Nummer/Destroy-Windows-10-Spying. O&O ShutUp10: Antispy outil gratuit pour Windows 10. O&O ShutUp10 signifie que vous avez contrôle absolu sur les fonctions de confort que vous désirez utiliser sous Windows 10.

O&O ShutUp10: Antispy outil gratuit pour Windows 10

Vous pouvez donc décider quand la transmission de vos données va trop loin. Grâce à une interface très simple, vous contrôlez dans quelle manière Windows 10 respecte votre vie privée en décidant quelles fonctions non désirées devraient être désactivés. O&O ShutUp10 est entièrement gratuit et exige aucune installation – il se laisse gérer sur votre PC directement et immédiatement.

RunPE Detector - Phrozen Software. Software Description Phrozen RunPE Detector is a security program, especially designed to detect and defeat some suspicious processes using a generic method.

RunPE Detector - Phrozen Software

We at Phrozen Software do things differently, more creatively. So, when we set ourselves the task of creating a novel way of detecting, disabling and removing RATs, we didn't want to take the route every other anti-virus company has done before us. Phrozen Software studied the behaviour of RATs and discovered that hackers virtually always use a technique called RunPE. Phrozen ADS Revealer - Catch Alternate Data Stream - Phrozen Software. Software Description.

Phrozen ADS Revealer - Catch Alternate Data Stream - Phrozen Software

Phrozen Software™ - Official Website. Detect automatically what program is using your webcam. - Phrozen Software. It Is No Secret; You Are At The Mercy Of Hackers!

Detect automatically what program is using your webcam. - Phrozen Software

Who does not fear about the possibility of being spied upon your Webcam without your knowledge? Have you thought of this frightening threat to your online security? Well, it is no longer a fear but a reality. It is no longer an imagination, or something you can assume. It is happening, and the most worrying thing is that it is very prevalent.

Phrozen Software™ - Official Website. Successor of Phrozen VirusTotal is finally there! We know, most of you have been waiting expectantly for quite a long time for the successor of our hugely successful Phrozen VirusTotal Uploader. We are proud to announce that we can finally announce the news: Winja – short for Windows Ninja – is much more than an advanced uploader for a Multi-Antivirus Engine Scanner. The program was recoded from scratch and applies VirusTotal API’s in a more optimized and sophisticated way to save network resources and time. The program now checks for a previous existence of a scan in the archives of VirusTotal before uploading the file itself. Phrozen Software™ - Official Website.

Windows 10 : les différences entre les versions Famille, Pro, Entreprise et Education. Create a Login PIN for Your Windows PC. Each time a Windows PC is restarted, the system requests password verification to ensure the security of its users.

Create a Login PIN for Your Windows PC

While this security feature is reassuring for many users, others find it tedious to have to enter their passwords each time the system reboots. Luckily, there is a very simple solution that can ease the process, while still ensuring the safety and security of the system contents. The following article will explain how to assign a PIN code to your Windows computer. This solution will allow users to unlock their PCs quickly and easily. Add a PIN Code to Windows PC Head to the Start menu and click on the Settings option. In the left-hand menu, click on Sign-in options. The system will prompt you to verify your identity by entering in your Windows credentials. 9 free tools that make Windows much better. Windows is packed to the rafters with features, many of them great—and others, just meh.

9 free tools that make Windows much better

Luckily, there are free alternatives that are more powerful, more efficient, and take only minutes to install. Read on, and we’ll show you 9 built-in features of Windows that aren’t up to snuff, and the free software you can use to replace them. Search The search functionality in Windows 8 is fast and well-integrated with the new Start Screen.

Still, the Start Screen search isn’t perfect: It can’t find files that aren’t executables or documents. “Everything” is an indexed search utility that lets you search through every single file on your system, practically instantly. File Transfer It’s ironic that one of the simplest things you do in Windows can be one of the most frustrating. Screenshots. 20 free PC programs to ease daily tasks. Once Unlocker sets files free, Eraser lets you, well, erase them.

20 free PC programs to ease daily tasks

For folks who handle sensitive data or simply love the feel of tinfoil hats—hey, I'm one of you—Eraser's ability to delete data securely and permanently will be welcome indeed. Your new PC needs these 15 free, excellent programs. Signature - TextUp. Powered by crackman pour T411 a l'attention du staff de T411 si il passent: j'espére que ce texte ne vous derange pas, il contient exactement la même chose que deja dispo sur T411 pour lequel j'ai etait remercier par le staff a plusieurs reprise, mais une modif du site a supprimé mon ancienne signature et m'empéche de remettre a peu prét sa, j'ai donc du m'adapté au mieux. en cas de souci MP moi pour en discuter pas de souci ;) merci je donne mes prezz a ceux qui veulent les modif pour les prochaine version ou autre, n'hesiter pas a me MP, le partage avant tout.

signature - TextUp

Windows 7. Windows 7: Create a recovery partition. Here, we discuss the topic of partition recovery on Windows 7.

Windows 7: Create a recovery partition

We are briefed on how to prepare the hard disk, copy files and prepare the partition in order to make it portable. The article offers tips for recovering the partition. All the requirements to carry out the process are discussed: a functional PC, a blank hard disk and a Windows 7 DVD. The article also informs the user that this trick has been verified using the full version and the Home premium 7.7600 RTM version of Windows. After some testing with Windows 7, a hidden partition can be created, providing access to all repair tools and the ability to completely reinstall the system, thus removing the need for a DVD or USB key. To begin with, you'll need: