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Color Scheme Designer 3. AnythingSlider. Download from GitHub Lots of people have worked on AnythingSlider and there is a lot more to it than you can see here (themes, effects, options, etc).


Go snag the code from GitHub to see the full monty. Features Panels are HTML Content (can be anything). Change content by scrolling horizontally or vertically, or by cross-fading* between slides. * New in version 1.8! Default Options See the documentation for complete description of these options (appearance, navigation, slideshow, callbacks & events, video, interativity & misc). Responsive Web Design. The English architect Christopher Wren once quipped that his chosen field “aims for Eternity,” and there’s something appealing about that formula: Unlike the web, which often feels like aiming for next week, architecture is a discipline very much defined by its permanence.

Responsive Web Design

Article Continues Below A building’s foundation defines its footprint, which defines its frame, which shapes the facade. Each phase of the architectural process is more immutable, more unchanging than the last. Creative decisions quite literally shape a physical space, defining the way in which people move through its confines for decades or even centuries. Working on the web, however, is a wholly different matter. But the landscape is shifting, perhaps more quickly than we might like. In recent years, I’ve been meeting with more companies that request “an iPhone website” as part of their project. A flexible foundation#section1 Let’s consider an example design.

Becoming responsive#section2 responsive architecture. CMS's. Ragic - Web Database Application Builder, application builder, database builder, database application builder, online database builder, online application builder, Online Database Application Builder, Web application builder. Ragic is basically a Database Application Builder with light configuration that has been formatted in a way to make building database applications as easy as using spreadsheet. Ragic aims at providing you with a faster and easier way of creating enterprise Web applications by providing spreadsheet style user interface as is the current working mechanism.

Ragic was initially launched as a data composition that was highly flexible and also a database component. This data composition helps users to work freely without having to worry about other intricate details of design and patterns of data format. However, with time the utility and preference for spreadsheets transform Ragic into a light weighted development tool having a spreadsheet interface that can fasten up the process of creating database applications. The entire process of Ragic is very simple and flexible as it is not developed based upon any database table. Features of Ragic Database systems are best complemented by spreadsheets. Web Developer's Virtual Library: The Open Source Reference Library - JavaScript, Perl, HTML, PHP, Perl, Python Ruby, Rails, Soap and more!


Design. Learning. Bootstrap, from Twitter. IIS. DRUPAL. Drupal7. C# Help - AddThis Client API. Oscmax2 - Project Hosting on Google Code. OsCmax is a powerful e-commerce/shopping cart web application. osCmax has all the features needed to run a successful internet store and can be customized to whatever configuration you need.

oscmax2 - Project Hosting on Google Code

There are no artificial limits placed on the feature set, amount of products or sales amounts. osCmax is 100% free to use as needed from a small shop with a few products to tens of thousands of products and customers and larger. Highlights 100% Open Source Easy template system - customize your store with html/css Unlimited Products and Categories Gift Vouchers/Coupons Download/Virtual Product support Secure/Stable code base Web Based administration Panel Supports Pay-Pal, Authorize-Net, Real time credit card processing Supports UPS, USPS and Fed X shipping Unlimited product Specials Separate customer groups (Retail, Wholesale, or add your own groups) Compatible with most other mods available for osCommerce. Full featured Multi-tier Affiliate program built in.

Payment Modules Included:

Cascading Style Sheets