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Projects - Archigram Archival Project. Elizabeth Gilbert on nurturing creativity. 311 SCALE. Carlo Ratti: Architecture that senses and responds. Treating Cancer with Landscape Architecture. Stamp House / Charles Wright Architects. Architects: Charles Wright Architects Location: Queensland, Australia Architect In Charge: Charles Wright Project Team: Charles Wright, Richard Blight, Justine Wright, Darcy Shapcott Year: 2013 Photographs: Patrick Bingham Hall.

Stamp House / Charles Wright Architects

Natural Fuse : home / map. Gymnasium Régis Racine / Atelier d’Architecture Alexandre Dreyssé. Architects: Atelier d’Architecture Alexandre Dreyssé Location: Drancy, France Project Director: Alexandre Dreyssé Architectural Assistant: Sébastien Muller Area: 1,581 sqm Year: 2011 Photographs: Clément Guillaume Engineers: Betom Ingénierie Structural Wood Engineers: Tec Bois Environmental Engineers: Cap Terre Client: Ville de Drancy The gymnasium Regis Racine is situated in Drancy north east Paris. the program of this building includes: an indoor sports hall 22 meters long and 44 meters large, a dance hall, a space for local associations and dressing rooms for teams and referees.

It was designed for pupils of schools and colleges of the city of Drancy area, local associations and sports clubs. The sport hall was optimized for basketball regional competitions. M U L T I P L I C I T Y. Bahá’í Temple for South America / Hariri Pontarini Architects. In recognition of the spiritual nature of humanity and the importance of prayer, meditation and reflection – Bahá’í temples, also known as Houses of Worship, have been established in different parts of the world and are open to all.

Bahá’í Temple for South America / Hariri Pontarini Architects

Light is the fundamental connecting force of the projects. The Bahá’í Temple for South America, designed by Hariri Pontarini Architects, employs both translucent stone and the newest glass technology as means of generating and manifesting both the physiological and spiritual delights of natural light embodied in architecture.

Set against the stirring background of the Andean mountain range, the new Temple is to be a crystallizing of light-as-expression, an evanescent structure of white alabaster and glass: a place of pure luminescence. During the day, it is the soft undulating alabaster and glass skin of the Temple which forms its outer expression. Designbiocentrimos. We lost it 2. Practice as LifeSpan heshotmedown << / >> TerraIncognita Spidernethewood 2 (with growing plants)>> A report from Bruce Sterling / 2030 ; Thirty long years had overpassed our rolling globe since the unveiling of Roche's legendary web-house.

we lost it 2

Fish from the Sky with Vegetables. Globe / Hedron a Rooftop Farm. — Conceptual Devices. GLOBE / HEDRON is a bamboo greenhouse designed to organically grow fish and vegetables on top of generic flat roofs.

Fish from the Sky with Vegetables. Globe / Hedron a Rooftop Farm. — Conceptual Devices

The design is optimized for aquaponic farming techniques: the fish’s water nourishes the plants and plants clean the water for the fish. Using this farming technique, GLOBE / HEDRON is optimized to feed four families of four all year round. GLOBE / HEDRON is designed to be manufactured and retailed at a low cost. Revolution Online Blog. Deleuze y la maquina de guerra israelita. Que un yuppie en el Metro de París pueda leer ¿Qué es la filosofía?

Deleuze y la maquina de guerra israelita.

De Deleuze y Guattari mientras se traslada a hacer negocios a la Bolsa de Comercio ya no debería sorprender a nadie. Más difícil sería que un oficial israelí en un tanque en la Franja de Gaza se pusiera a leer Mil mesetas. Capitalismo y esquizofrenia antes de disparar sobre niños terroristas (o terroristas-niños). Sin embargo, esto también ya ha ocurrido. Para evitar francotiradores y trampas “cazabobos”, los soldados israelíes aprendieron a entrar por el costado de las casas abriendo agujeros en paredes laterales y así poder moverse de una habitación a otra, con un dispositivo de observación manual que produce representaciones tridimensionales de cuerpos orgánicos entre obstáculos.

Las nuevas tácticas no sólo fueron posibles por el desarrollo técnico de la industria militar norteamericana ni evolucionaron meramente en forma espontánea sobre el campo de batalla, ajustándose “por instinto” a condiciones cambiantes. SciFund Projects. Mil Maquinas - Maquinas de Guerra (cap4) La cumbre del G8 en Génova.

Mil Maquinas - Maquinas de Guerra (cap4)

Máquinas nómadas y máquinas estatales « ARTE NÓMADA. Smooth Space in the Striated Empire. This project was developed by Jungwook Lee as Design Thesis at Cornell University.

Smooth Space in the Striated Empire

The study is briefly summarized through three main topics. The first topic was to analyze the sense of smooth and striated space from Deleuze and Guattari’s philosophy book; ‘A Thousand Plateaus with Architecture Point of View’. DD 05 R&SIE: Corrupted Biotopes (9788995359877): Francois Roche. # Conférence de François Roche à l'école de la Villette. Isobiot®ope « new-territories. The Isobiot®ope installation unfolds a scenario about a mineral element which is able to indicate the degree of UV crossing the stratosphere through its after glowing appearance (pigment of Isobiotrope exited by the UV ray) and by this way revealing the degree of Ozone degradation at the origin of some human pathologies.

Isobiot®ope « new-territories

The natural stone is on the middle of the stripe in the installation. It is a radioactive natural element at the level of 0.88 microSievert / hours. A Geiger counter is set to control it. The natural radioactivity of the “citta di Venezia” is 0.16 microSV (in the installation the Alpha rays don’t across more than 15 centimeters and are filtered by human skin barrier). It is not a Catastrophic report, or a “green washing” report, but more a recognition of a transition, a translation between past and future, between psychology and physiology, where the natures & sciences has to be reconsidered, renegotiated through Safe and Unsafe aspect. ParaCloud at Work: “he shot me down”,by Francois Roche - R&Sie(n) Architects, Paris. A Living House by R&Sie Architects. We've seen some interesting living walls and green roofs, but this goes beyond these applications and into the realm of being a complete living house.

A Living House by R&Sie Architects

Referred to as the Lost in Paris House, the structure took five years to complete and was designed by R&Sie architects. The unique living envelope comprises 1200 ferns (or Dryopteris filix-mas) in a hydroponic system – the plants are not sustained by soil but by a chemical mixture of bacteria, nutrients, and rainwater. Pictures « . . . . . an architecture "des humeurs" R&Sie(N): Fiction Scripts (9787543461635): Francois Roche. Bioreboot: The Architecture of R&sie{n} (9781568988696): Giovanni Corbellini. Michel Foucault. Michel Foucault, Of Other Spaces (1967), Heterotopias. Glosario: Heterotopía. Michael Foucault fue uno de los primeros en denunciar la obsesión que el siglo XIX y gran parte del XX demostró por la historia y por el tiempo, reivindicando que nuestra época era la época del espacio, "la época del cerca y el lejos, del lado a lado, de lo disperso".

Glosario: Heterotopía

En 1967 Foucault planteó un término actualmente inevitable en cualquier discurso sobre la ciudad contemporánea: el de Heterotopía, el espacio del mundo contemporáneo por excelencia. Frente al conjunto jerárquicamente organizado que caracterizaba al territorio medieval, hoy en día "el espacio en el que vivimos (...) es un espacio heterogéneo. En otras palabras, no vivimos en una especie de vacío, dentro del cual localizamos individuos y cosas. (...) vivimos dentro de una red de relaciones que delinean lugares que son irreducibles unos a otros y absolutamente imposibles de superponer"1. Michel Foucault por sí mismo (2003) Swarm intelligence.

Swarm intelligence (SI) is the collective behavior of decentralized, self-organized systems, natural or artificial. The concept is employed in work on artificial intelligence. The expression was introduced by Gerardo Beni and Jing Wang in 1989, in the context of cellular robotic systems.[1] La tiranía de las pequeñas decisiones. The Acupuncture Tower Redefines the Kaohsiung Port in Taiwan. Graduate students at the I.A. Lab of Taiwan University proposed a new urban masterplan and skyscraper for the port of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The “Harbor Capital” is the second largest city of the country and the 6th largest port in the world and since 2009 the most densely populated area of Taiwan. The so-called Acupuncture Tower designed by Kulthida Songkittipakdee, Jen Hung, Tien Wu, and Cheng Pan was inspired on the “memory” of the site’s landscape.

Its form derives from the analysis of the different forces (wind, ocean, soil) that activate the region. The tower blends to the existing urban fabric through delicate structures that peel off from the main core and integrate to five different areas of the city providing infrastructure and recreational spaces. Mediating modernism: architectural ... - Andrew Higgott.

El territorio de Málaga desde la perspectiva de la ciudad expandida y las ecologías en red. En verano de 2010 tuve la oportunidad de recorrer la provincia de Málaga acompañado por Susana García Bujalance, profesora de la Escuela de Arquitectura de Málaga, y Karla Brunet. La razón de este viaje es un proyecto coordinado por Suana García que pretendía reflexionar sobre la naturaleza territorial de la provincia, que incorpora la Costa del Sol como una realidad urbana metropolitana que desborda escalas y límites políticos y una zona interior eminentemente rural y desconectada de la costa. Como resultado de ese proyecto se publicó una monografía (Málaga como Laboratorio Urbanístico. Esbozos para el entendimiento de una habitabilidad difusa, editada por la Fundación Málaga Desarrollo y Calidad) en la que escribí un capítulo (Una nueva visión del territorio: Ciudad expandida y ecologías en red, versión completa en pdf) en el que pretendía aportar una visión del territorio malagueño desde la óptica de los conceptos de ciudad expandida y ecología en red.

- EUROPEANESPAÑA - Europan 11 Local Microgrowth (Honourable Mention) LES-HALLES. The primary purpose of this project is to re-invent a modern cityscape for Paris that could to a certain degree rekindle this effort to define the co-existence between the traditional and the modern. One could almost say that it involves an environmentally-conscious cityscape, so long as “environmentally-conscious” is not used as an excuse to carpet everything over with grass; quite the opposite, this signifies a search for the means to critique the previous interpretation of modern cityscape, all while defining a new vision for it; and perhaps, more than anything, to break away from the idea of a unifying and definitive gesture on a grand scale that is supposed to resolve the issue.

With Les Halles project, we have therefore decided to test the concept of a cumulative modern culture, to see if an accumulation of specific, precise, contextual and delicate interventions could together redefine a territory as large as that of Les Halles. INCHON-SONG–DO-NEW-TOWN- The current economic conditions in many Asian countries show that it is increasingly difficult to anticipate future development, needs, or potentials with any form of precision. New wholes will have to be created from unknown and unknowable elements.

Strategies that accommodate - even exploit - uncertainties must be devised. For the Masterplan of SDNT we began not by working on an unrealistic composition of conventional urban gestures but by establishing a zoning code which uses the unique features, natural and artificial, of the site. WEST-KOWLOON-CULTURAL-DISTRICT. Video and interactive animation A strong and recognisable identity in itself, the typology of the village liberates us from an obligation to express the identity of each individual element of WKCD as 'iconic' at the expense of all the others. The sheer quantity of institutions in WKCD would trigger an iconoclash, a sterile battle of the 'unique'. The village enables us to absorb the massive scale of WKCD into manageable portions that in themselves resist delusions of grandeur and neutralise the threat of an alienating confrontation between the 'old' and 'new' Kowloon.

The excess vitality of Kowloon will be the lifeblood of the West Kowloon Cultural District. Without this lifeline, WKCD will remain anaemic, whatever its size or beauty. Grammars for Generative Art (Part II) LOGROÑO. ALMERE-MASTERPLAN. Michael Hansmeyer: algoritmos libres y arquitectura. Michael Hansmeyer - Computational Architecture.

Crowd-sourced realtime radiation monitoring in Japan. Denkimeter: Un juego para fomentar el ahorro energético. Simple Energy. Neighbourhood Scoreboards. Design Interactions at the RCA. ELLIOTT P MONTGOMERY : THE ENERGY PILOTS. ELLIOTT P MONTGOMERY : ELECTRICITY SOURCE METER. Plataformas Tecnológicas. Responsive Architecture.

Opower. Wind Turbine Towers Win Metropolis Next Generation Prize! wind-it_l_hd – Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World. Electronic6. Art & Energy. Green cloud. The Internet of Things Real-Time Web Service and Applications - Pachube. Open Energy. Responsive Architecture. f32 : francastillo. Bio-Fuel Growing Eco Pods Rejuvenate Stalled Boston Project. Michael Hansmeyer - Computational Architecture: L-Systems. Arquitectura genetica y dinamica. Arctic Food Network / Lateral Office. Algae-Powered Skyscraper Filters Air in Polluted Cities.