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Alibaba Group. 113*84*25mm (L * W * h) en aluminium Box Project enclousure Electronic Case Caractéristiques: Dimensions (extérieur): 113*84*25mm (l * W * h) Dimensions (intérieure): 113*55.6*22mm (l * W * h) Gros calibre construction en aluminium extrudé Sablage professionnel/mat anodisé finition Les cannelures intégrées tiennent carte de circuit Excellente performance de blindage électromagnétique Avant et arrière panneaux et attaches sont inclus. Les cannelures intégrées peut tenir la carte sans vis Bon pour des projets électroniques, appareils d'alimentation, des projets d'étudiants, amplificateurs, etc, merci pour ce dissipateur de chaleur nature, protection de champ électromagnétique et la construction robuste. Couleur: Comme la PIC Avis: vis inclus. Groupe Alibaba.

Alibaba Group. Aluminum enclosure / waterproof - 260 x 205 x 90 mm, IP66 | 11A-7 - Ningbo Dayang Enclosure Co., Ltd. Robots4Whales: Autonomous Real-time Marine Mammal Detections. X-COM Systems Real-Time RF Signal Recording and Playback System Sets Benchmark for Instantaneous Bandwidth and Dynamic Range. Bird Technologies - The RF ExpertsReston, VA - February 2015 Only commercially-available system with performance required for testing and validation of latest electronic warfare, radar, and wireless communications systems. X-COM Systems, LLC, a subsidiary of Bird Technologies, today introduced the IQC91000A, the only RF and microwave signal recording and playback system that can capture, digitize, and store up to 1000 MHz of the electromagnetic spectrum in real time without gaps and missed signal events within any frequency range from 500 MHz to 18 GHz with 50 dB of spurious-free dynamic range, the highest in the industry.

The entire 1000-MHz signal capture file or selected portions of it can be regenerated and played back at virtually any desired center frequency and offloaded at high speed to a workstation for analysis. To learn more, view the IQC91000A Signal Record and Playback System page. Return to News. Sea-Bird Electronics. General Large numbers of Sea-Bird conductivity instruments have been used in Arctic and Antarctic programs.

Special accommodation to keep temperature, conductivity, oxygen, and optical sensors at or above 0 C is advised. Often, the CTD is brought inside protective doors between casts to achieve this. Conductivity Cell When freezing is possible, we recommend that the conductivity sensor be stored dry. There are several considerations to weigh when contemplating deployments at low temperatures in general, and in frazil or pancake ice: Ensure that the instrument is at or above water temperature before it is deployed. The above considerations apply to all known conductivity sensor types, whether electrode or inductive types. If deploying at low temperatures but no surface frazil or pancake ice is present, rinse the conductivity cell in one of the following salty solutions (salty water depresses the freezing point) to prevent freezing during deployment.

Temperature Sensor Oxygen Sensor. Wildlife Acoustics - Bioacoustics Monitoring Systems for bats, birds, frogs, whales, dolphins and many other species. Transforming your device into a smart connected object | Thingpark. M2M & IoT Modules, Gateways & Products By Link Labs. M2M & IoT Products Dynamic M2M & IoT products for low power, wide-area applications. Modules Our radio transceiver modules are fully certified, easily integrated low power communication devices.

If you’re looking for a fast time to market and a simple host interface, start here. Symphony Link Modules Optimized for use in the 915 MHz ISM and the 868 MHz ETSI frequency bandsMaximizes range and minimizes power consumption by utilizing Semtech’s LoRa™ modulation Learn More LoRaWAN Modules Compliant with LoRaWAN 1.0Ideal for large-scale public and operator-owned networks Gateways The LoRa Basestation and LoRa-Enabled M2M Gateway offer high-capacity solutions for scalable IoT deployments.

LoRa Basestation Large-scale, high-performance telecom systemOffers maximum throughput and capacity due to its 24-channel receiverDesigned for 3-sector, cross-polarized antenna arrays Learn More LoRa-Enabled M2M Gateway Learn More Development Tools Symphony Link Network Tester Learn More Symphony Link Development Kit. Cellio » Press Release: Device Solutions Inc Introduces Cellio LoRa, an Internet of Things Wireless System for Remote Monitoring and Remote Control.

Télécollecte de données - Nke Electronics. Libelium Releases Smart Cities Sensor Platform for Precise Urban Monitoring. Libelium Releases Smart Cities Sensor Platform for Precise Urban Monitoring May 5th, 2015 - Libelium SAN MATEO, Calif., ZARAGOZA, Spain—May 5, 2015—Libelium has released a new Smart Cities sensing platform, based on Waspmote Plug & Sense! Sensor nodes, that integrates hardware and software design improvements developed in response to feedback from scores of Smart Cities projects over the last four years. Increased urbanization is a market driver for the rapid growth of the global Smart Cities market, forecast by Frost & Sullivan to reach $1.56 trillion by 2020. Libelium’s modular sensor solution enables cities to establish a platform to build future smart city applications and services, such as traffic management, environmental sensors, smart parking, water quality and conservation, noise pollution, and urban resilience.

Designed to meet sophisticated demands of municipalities, Libelium’s new Smart Cities sensing solution, based on Waspmote Plug & Sense! New Smart Cities Precision Platform. Solar Power for Remote and Wireless Sensing. Youve seen them. Small solar panels on posts by the side of the highway, providing power to traffic monitors, environmental sensors and more. The beauty of this energy harvesting is that it captures free energy from the ambient environment to power sensors. Solar-powered sensors can be used anywhere and are simple (and low cost) to install. The proliferation of solar-powered sensors is due, in part, to the relative maturity of the technology. Environmental monitoring Solar-powered sensors can be used anywhere and are simple (and low cost) to install.

In 2010 a solar-powered airborne lead monitor was installed at the St. An emerging use is monitoring the structural integrity of bridges. Some traditional process sensors are now appearing in solar-powered formats, such as the ST302 ultrasonic flowmeter from Shenitech. Solar-powered portable instruments are also starting to emerge, such as temperature monitors and there is even a solar-powered Geiger counter. Wireless sensor networks. Inc - Wireless Sensor Networks. Smart Environment Monitoring & Analysis Technologies (SEMAT) — This project seeks to develop new, commercially-focused technologies in wireless sensor networks.

SEMAT is funded in part by the Queensland Government National and International Research Alliance Program (NIRAP). The Smart Environment Monitoring and Analysis Technologies (SEMAT) project is largely driven by the need to create a low cost intelligent sensor network system for monitoring aquatic and coastal environments, and importantly the analysis of that data into information which can be used for management and planning. The specific goals for SEMAT are as follows: Underwater wireless communicationsShort-range wireless and power transmission Plug and Play Minimal deployment expertise Near real time analysis tools Intelligent sensors Personnel SEMAT draws on a large multidisciplinary team that spans both academia and industry. Website. 10 environmental sensors that go along with you. capture Over the past few years, the world of clean technology has seen a major influx of environmental sensor technologies.

From ones that you can make yourself to those that are inspired by nature, the field has included many interesting takes on a technology that is proving to be more and more important, but the most significant trend in environmental sensors has been in personal, portable devices that measure air and water quality from our pockets or wrists. By making these sensors small and usually Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled, merely carrying out our normal daily routines could make citizen scientists of us all, significantly increasing the amount and precision of environmental data through crowdsourcing. From smartphone embedded sensors to those you wear or plug in wherever you are, this new wave of personal environmental sensors has the potential to really change the way that data is gathered, analyzed and consumed. 1.

AirBot © CREATE Lab 2. 3. . © Sensordrone. Home - Machine to Machine Experts - Gemalto. Data models for the Internet of Things. CALAO Systems : The specialist for M2M and IoT solutions. Beacons & Beyond. Shop | Shimmer – Wearable Sensor Tech. Eko_starter_system.pdf. Wirtrack Outdoor Sensor - Kerlink | M2M : solutions de communication machine−to−machine. WIRTRACK Outdoor Sensor est une balise communicante embarquée autonome GSM/GPRS/GPS conçue pour combiner le relevé de position GPS et le relevé d'événements. Cette balise est dotée d’un connecteur pour des capteurs externes au format PT1000 ou de l’alimentation. La différence avec les autres produits de la gamme Wirtrack, tient dans la possibilité d’y brancher des capteurs externes (température, chocs, …) ou de l’alimentation.

Autonome, grâce à une alimentation sur pile lithium, et robuste, car enfermée dans un boîtier IP 67 - IK8, la balise WIRTRACK Outdoor Sensor est particulièrement adaptée aux environnements sévères et convient parfaitement aux transports routiers, maritimes et ferroviaires. DocumentationSolutionsDemande d'information La Wirtrack Outdoor Sensor est une balise multi-applications : La Wirtrack Outdoor Sensor dispose de fonctionnalités avancées : Bénéfices clés Une solution complète avec la supervision et télémaintenance M2M de Kerlink. The Leader in Industrial Wireless IoT and M2M Solutions - FreeWave Technologies. Accent – Leading, integrated circuit and microelectronic product design, ASIC provider and system-on-chip silicon product manufacturing solutions. Wireless Temperature Sensor, Remote Water Sensor, Motion Sensors | SensaTrack. FACTORY SYSTEMES, Distributeur de Performance Industrielle - Produits. Depuis plus de 25 ans, FACTORY SYSTEMES s'applique à identifier, tester, commercialiser et supporter une large gamme de produits - matériels et logiciels - dédiés aux applications d'informatique industrielle et de M2M.

En se focalisant exclusivement sur des produits adaptés aux contraintes et aux attentes de nos clients, nos équipes ont développé un savoir-faire unique sur le marché Français. L'offre de FACTORY SYSTEMES s'organise suivant 5 piliers techniques : COLLECTER, COMMUNIQUER, EXECUTER, VISUALISER et SECURISER. Pour chacun de ces piliers, nous proposons un large choix de produits permettant à nos clients des secteurs de l'industrie de production et des services de trouver la réponse à leurs besoins sur l'ensemble de la chaine de valeur. Liquidware : Electronics.

Products & Services | Cradlepoint. Accueil - Kerlink | M2M : solutions de communication machine−to−machine. Option CloudGate 3g/4g Router - GetWireless. The CloudGate M2M gateway from Option provides competitively priced LAN to WWAN routing and GPS functionality in a single basic unit certified on all major us cellular operators (CDMA/EV-DO and WCDMA/HSPA+). The CloudGate is simple to configure locally or remotely from your PC, tablet or Smartphone. Reliable and Secure CloudGate automatically resolves common problems associated with wireless M2M connectivity. Built in software and hardware watchdogs continuously monitor each component of the product and the product’s connectivity to home servers. In the event an issue is detected, the product proactively takes steps to reestablish connectivity. All software and configuration images are protected with digital signatures and have dual rollback images that allow the product to revert to previous working settings if an issue is detected.

Flexible and Cost Effective to Integrate and Deploy Features Benefits Rev. Port Forwarding and DMZOutbound Port FilteringOutbound Trusted IPStatic Routing. Value-Added Distributor of Cellular Based Solutions - GetWireless. LORD MicroStrain® Inertial Sensors. Libelium - Connecting Sensors to the Cloud.