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Pump System Optimization & Assessments: Workshop and Webinar. On November 4th, 2015, a workshop hosted by MassDEP, MA DOER, Hydraulic Institute, National Grid, and Eversource, was held to provide in-depth instruction on the methodology and opportunities to increase energy efficiency in pumping systems.Pumping systems are amongst the highest energy consumers in drinking and wastewater operations and frequently offers one of the greatest energy cost savings opportunity.

Pump System Optimization & Assessments: Workshop and Webinar

Attendees learned how to assess and consider options to improve both efficiency and reliability of pumping systems. Energy assessments and various options for increasing efficiency and determining cost effectiveness were also discussed. Topics covered were: pump system optimization via assessments that identify, qualify and quantify energy savings opportunities through maximizing system performance. Speakers were: Nancy L. Below are materials that were presented. Agenda: Agenda for Pump System Optimization & Assessments: A Management Workshop and Webinar. Hydropower Project Screening Tool. New Tool to Assess In-Conduit Hydropower Potential in existing Water Infrastructure Alden Research Laboratory, Inc. working on behalf of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) and the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) developed a screening tool for in-conduit (inside the pipe or channel) hydropower technologies with a focus on water infrastructure opportunities managed by municipalities or districts.

Hydropower Project Screening Tool

The screening tool enables users to complete a preliminary evaluation of hydropower generation potential at water supply and waste water treatment facilities. With facts about a specific system and location (such as pressure or head, and flow), a user will be able to estimate power generation potential and get some preliminary cost/benefit analysis results with the screening tool. The screening tool is a Microsoft Excel-based file, which can be opened with version 2007 or later. SOAR Hydropower. Conduit hydropower potential in a citys water distribution system Prof Marco van Dyk University of Pta. 1 s2.0 S1877705814025909 main.

0deec5321b64ba4b52000000. HydroBPT. Journal Publications: Power, C., Coughlan, P., McNabola, A., Development of an evaluation method for hydropower energy recovery in wastewater treatment plants: Case studies in Ireland and the UK, Sustainable Energy Technologies & Assessments, 7, 2014, p166 – 177.


(Url.) McNabola, A., Coughlan, P., Corcoran, L., Power, C., Williams. A.P., Harris, I., Gallagher, J., Styles D., Energy Recovery in the Water Industry using Micro-hydropower: An Opportunity to Improve Sustainability, Water Policy, 16, 2014, p168 - 183. (Url.) Corcoran, L., Coughlan, P., McNabola, A., Innovation and the Water Industry: Case studies of innovation, education and collaboration, TCD Journal of Postgraduate Research, 11, 2014. Fraser Purves Delivering innovation in the Hydro Nation. Fraser Purves Delivering innovation in the Hydro Nation. WATERGY. Water Efficiency in Municipal Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment (The Alliance to Save Energy, 2007) ENERGY RECOVERY POTENTIAL FROM EXCESS PRESSURE in WATER SUPPLY and DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS. Losses Reduction and Energy Production in Water Distribution Networks. To be maximized, a different fitness function should be defined within the optimization process, or a multiobjective approach could be used to account for both conditions.

Losses Reduction and Energy Production in Water Distribution Networks

A preliminary economic analysis for PATs installation was also developed, showing attrac- tive profits and capital payback period. Results should be confirmed by monitoring one or more PATs and comparing numerical simulations using a field survey. References Arriaga, M. (2010). People’s democratic republic.”Renewable Energy, 35(5), 1109–1115. Bh teuteberg. 3.2 All Web. Exploring the Potential of Micro Hydropower Systems in Urban Water Supply Systems. Decision – Making and Optimum Management Using Harmony Search. An Error Occurred Setting Your User Cookie. 1 s2.0 S1877705814001854 main. Energy Recovery Using Micro-Hydropower Technology in Water Supply Systems: The Case Study of the City of Fribourg.

Simulated Annealing in Optimization of Energy Production in a Water Supply Network. Optimal Location of PRVs and Turbines in Water Distribution Systems. 79742. Energy Recovery Using Micro-Hydropower Technology in Water Supply Systems: The Case Study of the City of Fribourg. Comm LCH 44. 2007 06 04 gwa Turbinage dans les réseaux d'eau. TURBEAU 1 Truffer. Le pompage turbinage a petite echelle une solution envisageable. Turbinage de l'eau potable. Potentiel hydraulique - VD.CH.