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ELC 005: How To Stop Making Boring Videos. Flipped Learning | Turning Learning on Its Head! Boring Economics Teacher. World Freehand Circle Drawing Champion. The Wrath Against Khan: Why Some Educators Are Questioning Khan Academy. An Explainer Post There's an article in this month's Wired Magazine about Khan Academy. The headline speaks volumes -- "How Khan Academy Is Changing the Rules of Education" -- as do the responses I've seen to the article. As usual, there's plenty of praise for Sal Khan and his one-man-educational-video-making machine. But there's also push-back from some quarters, particularly from educators who are highly skeptical of what Khan Academy delivers and what it stands for.

That dichotomy says it all, right? Technology Replacing Teachers If one person can create 2400 educational videos and these videos can in turn be viewed by anyone with an Internet connection then why do we need teachers? While "technology will replace teachers" seems like a silly argument to make, one need only look at the state of most school budgets and know that something's got to give.

The Bill Gates Connection "Retain qualified people. " What does all of this have to do with Sal Khan? Old Wine, New Bottles, Bad Pedagogy.