The Wisdom of Clouds The Wisdom of Clouds I got to spend a few hours at Sys-Con's Cloud Computing Expo yesterday, and I have to say it was most certainly an intellectually stimulating day. Not only was just about every US cloud startup represented in one way or another, but included were an unusual conference session, and a meetup of fans of CloudCamp. While listening in on a session, I overheard one participant ask how the cloud would scale their application if they couldn't replicate it. This triggered a strong response in me, as I really feel for those that confuse autonomic infrastructures with magic applied to scaling unscalable applications. Let me be clear, the cloud can't scale your application (much, at least) if you didn't design it to be scaled. Period.
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CRM Magazine Blog CRM Magazine Blog Believed to be among the biggest computer bugs to ever strike the Internet, the HeartBleed Internet bug is a doozy. What makes the situation even more dire, however, is that consumers can do little to protect themselves. HeartBleed has the Internet community reeling because it’s a direct hit to OpenSSL, which runs on 66 percent of the Web, according to Mashable’s Christina Warren. OpenSSL is free and versatile, so a lot of companies rely on it to enable the functionality of Secure Sockets Layer and Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS)–a set of protocols for handling security, Warren explains.
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