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Volume. Jakdesign. Frere-Jones Type. Type Tuesdays: Mallory. Our weekly look at a favorite new typeface.

Type Tuesdays: Mallory

Share yours with us on Twitter and Instagram @AIGAdesign with #TypeTuesday. Designer: Tobias Frere-JonesFoundry: Frere-Jones TypeRelease Date: December 1, 2015 Back Story: “Mallory is an American-British hybrid (like me), with Gill Sans on one side and Metro on the other,” says Frere-Jones. “I set out to design something that would have personality and flavor, but not so much that it limits what you can do with it.” Mallory is stylish and modern, the offspring of a marriage between typeface families—one distinctly American and the other assuredly British—with distinguished heritages stretching back to the ’20s. Why’s it called Mallory? What are its distinguishing characteristics? What should I use it for? Who’s it friends with?

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Matter publication possibilities. HDesign. Donor Relations - Nonprofit Literature Blog. Your nonprofit seems to have trouble retaining its donors.

Donor Relations - Nonprofit Literature Blog

What can be the problem? Janet L. Hedrick’s new book, Effective Donor Relations, might be able to provide some answers. Perhaps your nonprofit needs to think more carefully about acknowledging gifts, recognizing donors, and improving stewardship practices: -How long does it take for your nonprofit to mail a written acknowledgement? -How do you recognize your donors? -Be sure to tell your donors how the funds have been used and report the results of your organization’s work. Look for numerous tips and examples in Effective Donor Relations, a volume in the AFP Fund Development Series (John Wiley, 2008).

Click here to search the Catalog of Nonprofit Literature for other books and articles on donor relations.

Matter Global press clippings

Jaffe Juice. Heinz Marketing - Seattle Marketing Agency. Get great advice. 7 proven ways to create viral Pinterest posts. Pinterest has demonstrated its traffic-driving ability in a big way.

7 proven ways to create viral Pinterest posts

As a lifestyle blogger, I have seen huge traffic from Pinterest in the past six months. I have had multiple posts go “viral,” each receiving anywhere from 1,000 to 35,000-plus pins. These posts have translated to: • new followers of my blog; • revenue from affiliate links; • higher positioning in Google search. For each viral post, I used the same strategies. Using Research to Grow Your Firm Webinar.

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Knox research. Evolve editorial opps. Breaker.

Professional Practices: Creative Entrepreneurship unit – jenrittner

FIT Professional Practices. Droog - a different perspective on design. Foreign Office Architects - Yokohama International Port Terminal. Photo: arcspace The brief of the Yokohama International Port Terminal asked for the articulation of a passenger cruise terminal and a mix of civic facilities for the use of citizens in one building.

Foreign Office Architects - Yokohama International Port Terminal

The site had a pivotal role along the city's water front that, if declared a public space, would present Yokohama City with a continuous structure of open public spaces along the waterfront. Our proposal for the project start by declaring the site as an open public space and proposes to have the roof of the building as an open plaza, continuous with the surface of Yamashita Park as well as Akaranega Park.

The project is then generated from a circulation diagram that aspires to eliminate the linear structure characteristic of piers, and the directionality of the circulation./ FOA The architects have used a very reduced palette of materials and details in order to explore further the continuity produced by the topography. Drawing courtesy FOA Site Plan Drawing courtesy FOA First Floor Plan P.S.


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