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English Language Learner (ELL) Classroom Support

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This collection is focused on ELL support in classrooms.

English Language Learners. English Language Learners face a dual challenge: acquire English and academic content knowledge.

English Language Learners

Reduce the anxiety many ELLs experience by providing high-interest books and resources to meet that dual challenge. Reading A-Z resources that support reading, listening, speaking, and writing ensure ELLs get explicit instruction and practice with level appropriate skills and strategies. Reading & Listening Support Leveled Books provide the opportunity for all students to read at their developmentally appropriate guided reading level and to read the same content as their native English-speaking peers. Try our Content Area Reading collections of leveled books to match students with science, social studies, math, art & music, or social stories. Writing & Speaking Support. How Teachers Can Help Immigrant Kids Feel Safe. What happens if they take my parents?

How Teachers Can Help Immigrant Kids Feel Safe

Will they come into the school to get me? What if they hit me? Over the past few weeks, these are the questions children have been asking Seattle teachers I know. Many students here are undocumented immigrants or have family members who are. In a post-election survey of over 10,000 American educators, 80 percent of administrators and school staff reported more anxiety and fear among students.

One teacher in Austin, Texas, asked her elementary students to write or draw about their feelings after an immigration sweep there, reported the Huffington Post. An elementary school student in Austin, Texas, submits a writing prompt after a series of immigration arrests in February 2017. How to Provide Social-Emotional Support for Immigrant Students. I have seen the teachers and leaders I support be extra compassionate, extra supportive and extra available. – Educator response to a Colorín Colorado survey on how schools are supporting immigrant families Overview For many immigrant students, issues around immigration that may be affecting their social-emotional health.

How to Provide Social-Emotional Support for Immigrant Students

Using Photos With English-Language Learners. "A picture is worth a thousand words.

Using Photos With English-Language Learners

"-- Unknown Though the origin of this popular adage is unclear, one thing is clear: using photos with English-Language Learners (ELLs) can be enormously effective in helping them learn far more than a thousand words -- and how to use them. Usable images for lessons can be found online or teachers and students can take and use their own. The activities presented below connect to multiple Common Core Standards including the following ELA Standards: Integrate and evaluate information presented in diverse media and formats, including visually, quantitatively, and orally. Develop the topic with relevant, well-chosen facts, definitions, concrete details, quotations, or other information and examples. Picture Word Inductive Model The Picture Word Inductive Model (PWIM) is one of our favorites. Over 50 Valuable ESL & ELL Student Resources  What is ESL?

Over 50 Valuable ESL & ELL Student Resources 

ESL, or English as a Second Language, is a popular style of classroom teaching where students come together to learn English. Bilingual classrooms differ from ESL classes in distinct ways. Students in a bilingual classroom all speak the same native tongue, as does their teacher. Because students of all different languages, from Spanish to Tagalog to Mandarin, can come together in an ESL classroom, the teacher speaks only English since there is no way for them to know the languages of all students.

In addition, ESL classrooms focus first and foremost on teacher students English, while bilingual classrooms give instruction in both languages. The WIDA ELP Scale 6 5 4 3 2 1 REACHING BRIDGING EXPANDING DEVELOPING. Middle–to–High
 Practices. 10 ESL Vocabulary Games to Get Your Students Seriously Engaged. Trying to teach a group of intermediate students ain’t easy.

10 ESL Vocabulary Games to Get Your Students Seriously Engaged

At this level, rehashing the basics is a bore and introducing more advanced topics can result in frustration. Tired of seeing only two or three students actually paying attention in your class? It’s amazing what a difference a few fun games can make! Things like building vocabulary are an essential part of learning English, but they can be dull. Spice up the classroom with some of these ESL vocabulary games to enhance the learning experience.

Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere. 1. This game is fast-paced, but allows students some time to think. Begin by tossing the ball at a student. Take things up a notch with a different version of “Last Man Standing.” 2. Most English speakers are familiar with Pictionary, the drawing game. Chalkboard Pictionary. Divide the class into two teams and create a small column for each team on one side of the board. 3. 4. W-APT. W-APT stands for the WIDA-ACCESS Placement Test.


It is an English language proficiency "screener" test given to incoming students who may be designated as English language learners. It assists educators with programmatic placement decisions such as identification and placement of ELLs. The W-APT is one component of WIDA's comprehensive assessment system. Features. English Language Learners: Culture, Equity and Language.

Immersion. Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader - Chrome Web Store. Google Translate. What is Duolingo? – Duolingo Help Center. Last updated: August 10, 2018 Duolingo is the most popular language-learning platform and the most downloaded education app in the world, with more than 300 million users.

What is Duolingo? – Duolingo Help Center

The company’s mission is to make education free, fun and accessible to all. Duolingo is designed to feel like a game and scientifically proven to be effective. In addition to its core platform, the company created the Duolingo English Test (DET), an affordable and convenient language certification option that is accepted by over 200 universities. Duolingo expanded beyond language learning with Tinycards, a reinvention of flashcards designed to make studying fun.

For more details, visit our about page. 12 Ways to Support English Learners in the Mainstream Classroom.