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Synonyms. National Punctuation Day. 10 Grammar Rules You Can And Should Ignore. 11 Stupidest Writing Mistakes - SalesHQ. Sales Tips >> Browse Articles >> Proposals and Presentations Professional writers often worry that their work is unnecessary.

11 Stupidest Writing Mistakes - SalesHQ

After all, can’t anyone with even a basic education write? The answer: no, they can’t. B-Rhymes - The Rhyme and Slant Rhyme Dictionary. Pseudo-Elizabethan Place Name Generator. 100 Most beautiful words in the English language* When to use i.e. in a sentence. Read These Seven Books, and You’ll be a Better Writer. Donald Miller I used to play golf but I wasn’t very good.

Read These Seven Books, and You’ll be a Better Writer

I rented a DVD, though, that taught me a better way to swing, and after watching it a few times and spending an hour or so practicing, I knocked ten strokes off my game. I can’t believe how much time I wasted when a simple DVD saved me years of frustration. I’d say something similar is true in my writing career. If you read these books, your writing will improve to the point people who read your work will begin to comment on how well you write.