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Poetry festival. 100 Trillion Haiku - The Genuine Haiku Generator. Eng_poems_8_unrelated_incidents. Learning Zone Class Clips - Sujata Bhatt - 'Search for My Tongue' - English Video. 100 Trillion Haiku - The Genuine Haiku Generator. Pie. Stories In Flight. FlickrPoet is part of Stories In Flight, an ongoing exploration of storytelling in the age of the Internet.

Stories In Flight

Just enter a paragraph of text, a poem, some lyrics or even just a few random words and FlickrPoet will find matching photos on Flickr based on a search of tags, titles and descriptions of the photos. - You can re-run the search with other images by clicking "Show Story" again. - Poems and lyrics seem to work best, hence the title, but feel free to experiment. - Please let us know if you have suggestions on how to improve FlickrPoet. If you like FlickrPoet, you may also be interested in another project: MapSkip - Places Have Stories. Stories In Flight and FlickrPoet are © Thomas Sturm. Privacy Policy: All user information collected on this site will never be sold or given to other businesses or individuals outside of the team behind ETTC's new and improved Poetry Forms.