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Poetry festival. 100 Trillion Haiku - The Genuine Haiku Generator. Eng_poems_8_unrelated_incidents. Learning Zone Class Clips - Sujata Bhatt - 'Search for My Tongue' - English Video. 100 Trillion Haiku - The Genuine Haiku Generator. Pie. Stories In Flight | FlickrPoet. FlickrPoet is part of Stories In Flight, an ongoing exploration of storytelling in the age of the Internet.

Stories In Flight | FlickrPoet

Just enter a paragraph of text, a poem, some lyrics or even just a few random words and FlickrPoet will find matching photos on Flickr based on a search of tags, titles and descriptions of the photos. - You can re-run the search with other images by clicking "Show Story" again. - Poems and lyrics seem to work best, hence the title, but feel free to experiment. - Please let us know if you have suggestions on how to improve FlickrPoet.

If you like FlickrPoet, you may also be interested in another project: MapSkip - Places Have Stories. Stories In Flight and FlickrPoet are © Thomas Sturm. Privacy Policy: All user information collected on this site will never be sold or given to other businesses or individuals outside of the team behind StoriesInFlight.com. ETTC's new and improved Poetry Forms.