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FC Barcelona, the world’s favourite club. Terms and conditions Information about Spanish Act 15/1999 on the protection of personal data (Articles 5, 6 and 11) and Spanish Law 34/2002 of 11 July, services of information society and electronic commerce.

FC Barcelona, the world’s favourite club

Personal data provided on this form will be included in a file of which the FC Barcelona is the Controller and will be processed for the management of its relations with FC Barcelona and for the supply of publications and communications by mail and electronic mail referred to FC Barcelona services and activities, and will only be disclosed to third parties with your consent or if it is allowed in accordance with the law. Your personal information will also be used to inform and send you promotional and commercial offers related on services and products FC Barcelona is interested in marketing, if not opposed to treatment within 30 days, by marking the box of the form. Using e-mail address and mobile number. 6 Ways a Social Media Analyst Approaches Social Data. As a social media marketing analyst for Simply Measured, I have had the privilege to work with a ton of data from some of the largest brands in the world.

6 Ways a Social Media Analyst Approaches Social Data

We analyze data across each of the major social networks to provide marketers with benchmarks to measure their own success, and to understand how changes on the networks impact brand tactics and audience engagement. You can find a link to a complete list of our social media studies here, and be sure to check out our most recent Twitter study. Simply Measured sur Twitter : "6 Ways to Approach Data Like An Analyst: Mmonwealth Games: Kiwi athletes get social media coaching. Don't expect any Kiwi athletes to become embroiled in social media scandals during the Commonwealth Games.

mmonwealth Games: Kiwi athletes get social media coaching

The New Zealand Olympic Committee has done its utmost to avoid that, sending every member of the team a 14-page document outlining the behaviour expected of them in cyberspace. Put simply, the aim of the NZOC is to inspire Kiwis and enable the country's athletes to achieve on the world stage, and social media "can both abet and hinder" that goal. It's the hinderance aspect of tools like Twitter that causes the most concern, especially in the wake of the team's previous meeting. Social Media for the CEO - An Evening with Eve Mayer Orsburn. Having looked at My First Tweet, which didn't have a link, or an @, or a #, and was written in third person, I couldn't help but notice how much things have changed since 2009, and how much better twitter users seem to understand 'the rules' of Twitter.

Social Media for the CEO - An Evening with Eve Mayer Orsburn

My feed is a traffic jam of useful snippets of information, articles, images, surveys, results, jokes. It's awash with incredible rich content and it's all useful, well kind of. Whilst most of the content has been carefully chosen by the poster the sheer noise level has deafened me. Should you moderate your Facebook Page? Posted on22 September 2010.

Should you moderate your Facebook Page?

Tags: brands, facebook, social media, technology Since I started my new role, I have spent time looking at how companies are utilising the digital space it has thrown up as many questions as answers. A recurring theme for me has been the amount of interaction a brand has on its own Facebook Page. I have my own views on it as I like to champion interaction and personalisation but this does not necessarily mean I am right (it’s not a black + white topic). With so many sports brands on Facebook, ranging from professional sports teams, leisure brands, leisure centres and sports shops. Search and the social graph.

Groundswell: How People With Social Technologies Are Changing Ev. Digital Disruption is on everyone's mind.

Groundswell: How People With Social Technologies Are Changing Ev

Netflix is replacing people's cable subscriptions. Simple apps like OpenTable and LoseIt! Internet Marketing Blog. How do some Facebook Pages still reach 82% of their fans?

Internet Marketing Blog

New research from Wisemetrics shows that while on average many pages have seen a drop in organic reach, the top 1% of pages still reached 82% of their fans, more than five times the average. Marketers around the globe have been making dissatisfied rumblings about Facebook organic reach for a while now. The general consensus being: You’ve got to pay to play. That doesn’t mean that we’ve got to pay Facebook though... Five reasons not to like Facebook's 'Like' button. If the numbers are any indication, publishers really like Facebook's new Like button.

Five reasons not to like Facebook's 'Like' button

But should they? For obvious reasons, Facebook is attractive to publishers, and it wants to keep it that way. Liverpool FC Statement. Liverpool FC today confirmed that Rafael Benitez is to leave the club by mutual consent. Mr Benitez relinquishes his position as team manager after six years and the Board of Directors would like to place on record their grateful thanks for his services and wish him all the best in his future career.

The Board has now asked Managing Director Christian Purslow, with the assistance of Club Ambassador Kenny Dalglish, to begin a formal search to identify and assess potential candidates for the managerial position. ROI: How to Measure Return on Investment in Social Media. Social media ROI: The best of British opinion. Three possible ways to cash in on Twitter ads. Twitter ads are apparently almost here.

Three possible ways to cash in on Twitter ads

After what seems like years and years of speculation, Twitter says that a roll-out of an ad-driven business model is "imminent". The revelation came during a panel discussion at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting 2010. One of the panel members, Anamitra Banerji, is Twitter's head of product management and monetization. In response to a question about timing, Banerji seemed to indicate that Twitter could begin a launch of some sort within the next month. Obviously, it's probably not a good idea to hold your breath given how long it has taken Twitter to monetize. While Twitter ads will certainly receive a lot of attention, it is likely that the early days will offer the typical Gold Rush opportunities for those who are savvy. Social Media Case Studies. Some brand spanking new social media case studies added to the Social Media Case Study Hot List and a link to a blog with 40 Social Media Staff Guidelines!

Social Media Case Studies

BBC and Blogs - How they are central to what the BBC does. Full report needs subscription at: iFirst, but article interesting. Urbane Apartments – using social media to reach ‘millenials’. No one cared about Urbane so they went for it with Facebook, MySpace, blogs, Flickr, Twitter etc and it worked. Nestle. Nestle PR Anti-Social Fail Whale « FaceBookCreep. Nestle haven’t had a good day today.

They launched a Facebook page in an attempt to break into the social media sphere. Starbuck’s Alexandra Wheeler: forget social strategy, think social philosophy. Home » Engagement, News, Social Media News, Videos Earlier this week we reported how Starbucks hit a new milestone in social media marketing, the first brand to surpass 10 million Facebook fans. A few weeks back I had the opportunity to interview Alexandra Wheeler, Starbucks’ director of digital strategies, on the sidelines of the Social Media Influence conference.

She spoke of the profound importance to get buy-in from the top level of the organization (in the case of Starbucks, that comes from founder Howard Schultz) in order to implement not just a successful social media strategy, but a philosophy. There’s a big difference. Hear for yourself: SMI offers specially tailored social media training for companies. Why Coke Should Have Known Its "2 Girls 1 Cup" Campaign for Dr Pepper Was a Disaster Waiting to Happen. Last Updated Jul 21, 2010 2:22 PM EDT The most telling part of Coca-Cola (KO)'s cancellation of its Dr Pepper Facebook promotion is that the company admitted it signed off on the text of the campaign without knowing what "2 girls one cup" actually means. Coke is an old company and Facebook is a new trend: What happened here is the marketing equivalent of parents trying to show their teenage offspring that they're trendy too, with all the awkwardness that implies.

Although Coke has apparently fired the ad agency that created the campaign, Lean Mean Fighting Machine, Coke has no excuses: LMFM advertises its profane campaigns -- including one in which the U.K. Ben & Jerry's Drops Email Marketing In Favor of Social Media. Heineken Italy. Case Study - Champions League Match vs Classical. Rupert Murdoch's London Times goes behind a paywall in June.

In Share 0 in Share {*style:<b> The New York Times announced plans to charge for web access to its content earlier this year, but it looks like Rupert Murdoch's plan to " institute fair pricing for digital journalism " is going to beat Schulzberger to the punch. Today News Corp. announced that U.K. properties The Times and Sunday Times will go behind a paywall in June. </b>*} News Corp. has wisened to the fact that paid models need to offer added value. The Virtual Revolution - 3D Interactive Documentary Explor. Brandthroposophy: A Marketing, Social Media, and Research Blog. Digital Ethnography. Aleks Krotoski : Academic, Media, UKTI & Personal — Academic Pos. What Social Media Users Want [STATS]

Twitterers mostly consume news, MySpace users want games and entertainment, Facebookers are into both news and community and Digg's audience has a mixed bag of interests. This is all according to online advertising network Chitika, who set out to analyze the interests of MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Digg users by comparing the genres of sites that receive traffic from these social networks. 287,090 impressions were used in the report, and based on this research, each social site has a distinct makeup of users with unique tastes.

The graphic below breaks it down. What's most interesting is that nearly half the traffic (47%) that Twitter generates falls into the news category. In fact, Twitter users' interest in the news genre surpasses that of Facebook users by nearly 20%, which would appear to make it the number-one social network for newsies. Another interesting tidbit is that MySpace users have no interest in news whatsoever. Apophenia. Last week, I wrote a provocative opinion piece for Quartz called “Is the Oculus Rift sexist?” Why Study the Web? Social Machines and the Virtual Revolution -

Sport. On October 18, 2011, Oracle announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire Endeca, a leading provider of unstructured data management, web commerce and business intelligence solutions. The transaction closed on December 5, 2011. Oracle with Endeca plans to create a comprehensive technology platform to process, store, manage, search and analyze structured and unstructured information together enabling businesses to make stronger and more profitable decisions.

The combination of Oracle ATG Commerce with Endeca's InFront web commerce solutions is expected to enhance cross-channel commerce, merchandising, and online customer experiences. 9,000 new fans EVERY day « A short while ago – 25 days to be exact – I wrote a post about European football clubs’ use of Facebook as an online platform. » Blog Archive » MCFC: Unsung Heroes – Chris Nield (City’s Social Media Executive) Soccerex - Making Money From Social Media - Fullscreen. The Facebook & Twitter Premier League (updated) Manchester United launch official Facebook Page. As a Manchester United fan of 25 years (I can hear the boo’s already!) Mad Libs make a comeback. To help with online form completion. Dream Factory - 100 years of Old Trafford memories - Manchester.

Communispace Verbatim. My First Forrester Report: Tapping The Entire Online Peer Influe. Social Media News and Web Tips – Mashable – The Social Media Gui. Research on Twitter and Microblogging. Research on Social Network Sites. 15 Fascinating Ways to Track Twitter Trends. Twitter Search.