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Digital Sundial by Mojoptix. The episode in [ENGLISH]: L'épisode en [FRANCAIS]: For those who have trouble slicing the gnomon, I ran the files through netfabb and re-uploaded them as: -- Gnomon_Southern_NETFABBED.stl -- Gnomon_Northen_NETFABBED.stl Let me know in the comments if they don't still behave nicely with your slicer.

Digital Sundial by Mojoptix

If you wish to print the gnomon in two halves : -- Gnomon_Northen_half_1_of_2.STL -- Gnomon_Northen_half_1_of_2.STL They should fit on a 100x100 platform. (Thanks Zarlor for building these two files and fixing them ! ) [ ENGLISH ] Tadam ! No batteries, no motor, no electronics... The sundial displays time (with actual digits !!) You'll also need : --- an (empty !) [ FRANCAIS ] Tadam ! Sans piles, sans moteur, sans électronique, etc... Le cadran solaire affiche l'heure (avec des vrais chiffres !!) Vous aurez aussi besoin de : --- un pot de confiture (vide !) Prusa i3 Base Plate Mount by ToScH. Halt Holder i3 Y Edition by markab. Printable full Y Carriage for Prusa I3 Fixxed by darkuncle33. Parametric Y carriage for 3 or 4 point leveling by radus. Printable full Y Carriage for Prusa I3 Fixxed by Flax65. The Essential Calibration Set by coasterman.

These instructions assume you know a bit about Skeinforge.

The Essential Calibration Set by coasterman

If you need help, consult the blog posts on the Makerbot blog about configuring skeinforge. Some good defaults for a .5mm stock Makerbot nozzle are: .36 layer height 1.5 width over thickness (all) 34.1 feedrate 255 flowrate All temps 225. Printable Trumpet by LtDan. Is a better version of this trumpet if you're interested in building one.

Printable Trumpet by LtDan

This is a 17 piece printable trumpet. It was modeled somewhat after a Bach Stradivarius. I have printed one myself and the sound quality and playability is honestly pretty bad. The reason I am posting my files is so people can try their hand at improving the design and to print it for themselves. RepRapDiscount Full Graphic Smart Controller Box by ZhilDV. Linear Bearings, IGUS Style !!! by PropsFactory. Updated the LM8UU V3 (last file in the list) to simpler version.

Linear Bearings, IGUS Style !!! by PropsFactory

These Linear bearings are good replacement parts for those who get bored with "NOISY" LMxUU ... I Know somehow some "Cheap Bearings" can do this ... But !!! Instead of changing all the carriage ... switching to PLA "old style bearings", I designed "ready to print" Bearings, There is Three equivalents, LM6UU, LM8UU & LM10UU !. They are all the same size as original bearings :) Tooth thickness is made to print well on 0.5mm nozzle, altought a LM10UU 0.35mm will print really nice :) More tooth is better :) Hum :) well First thing ... simple insert the printed bearings in your rods, and "play with them" rolling/sliding, to ensure they slide well, you can also lubricant them !!

RepRapDiscount Full Graphic Smart Controller Box by ZhilDV. Universal Filament Spool Holder by tallguy7. Prusa i3 Printable Spool Holder by thinkyhead. Hey!

Prusa i3 Printable Spool Holder by thinkyhead

This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change! Prusa i3 Printable Spool Holder by thinkyhead Apr 23, 2013 Your graphics card does not seem to support WebGL. Find out how to get it here. Description This is a simple parametric spool holder that mounts on top of the Prusa i3 frame and holds a single 1kg filament spool. Makes License Give a Shout Out. Filament spool roller with Lego base by jstck. Roller for filament spools.

Filament spool roller with Lego base by jstck

Designed for 608 / 608ZZ ball bearings, the kind commonly found in skateboards, inlines and rollerskates. Made primarily for 20cm diameter spools, but down to about 12cm fits and it should be able to handle larger spools as well. Parametric design, easily adjustable to different dimensions. Has a Lego base underneath, so it can be mounted on any Lego plate to keep it in place.

It is slightly offset from center, so one or both pieces can be flipped around to adjust the width finer than a "lego unit". It uses a Lego module (originally written by Andrew Sweet, which had do be included straight in the scad file for the customizer to work.

Things Nino

Double Hinged 12864 Full Graphics LCD Frame by enif. This is a follow-up on my previous project Double Hinged Smart 2004 LCD Frame, this time for the RepRapDiscount Full Graphics 12864 LCD Controller.

Double Hinged 12864 Full Graphics LCD Frame by enif

The LCD frame is mounted on my box frame Prusa i3 via the same sturdy double hinge mechanism, so that the display can be folded away when not it use. For further details, photos and instructions regarding the spring loaded hinge mechanism please refer to the LCD2004 version. There you also find the mirrored version of the hinge mechanism, in case that one fits better your specific needs. The fully configured SCAD file is contains the source for both the graphic LCD12864 and the non-graphic LCD2004 versions. Ready-to-print STL files are provided for the LCD frame and for the hinge mechanism. Cable chain, perfect fit and rounded edges by eiPionezero.

UPDATE 09-02: Thanks to the suggestions of Thorn ( I have updated the model to v1.2.

Cable chain, perfect fit and rounded edges by eiPionezero

I have changed back one of the two main changes in v1.1 and added slits to the female tabs, mating the links should not be a problem anymore. Photo renders are not updated yet, still renders of v1.0. UPDATE 07-02: Thanks to the suggestions, I have update the model from v1.0 to v1.1.