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Facebook Twitter Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media: Creating. Source: Dollar Bin, Flickr In February, I'll be co-teaching the "WeAreMedia Live" intensive two-day workshop in San Francisco from NTEN.

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media: Creating

The goal is to help participants create a social media strategy AND take a deep dive into the tactics and tools of social media. One of the challenges, of course, is integrating social media strategy with overall communications planning as well as Internet strategy without having the time in the workshop to drill down into those other topics. I've also been looking at examples from the corporate sector like the POST method from Forrester and thinking about adaptions for nonprofit. I've come up with synthesis - a worksheet, how-to points, and resources that would guide an organization to think strategically about social media. Here's a roadmap and worksheet to do just that!

The Social Media Strategy Map and Worksheet 1. What do you want to accomplish with social media? 2. Who must you reach with your social media efforts to meet your objective? 3. Resources. Social Media Strategy Game Workshop Final. Dissecting the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Personal Networks & using Traditional Media as and when you. Non Profit Website Design: Examples and Best Practices - Smashing Magazine. Advertisement Non profit websites share many of the same best practices as any website.

Non Profit Website Design: Examples and Best Practices - Smashing Magazine

They need to be user friendly, easily navigable, and use appropriate fonts, colors, and other design elements. But often a non profit website needs to offer more than your typical corporate site. A non profit’s website needs to make it easy to find out more about their cause, to donate money, and to become more involved. It needs to make it easy for media contacts to find the information they need and the contact information of key personnel. Below are a list of best practices for designing non profit websites followed by some examples of non profit websites that are getting things right. 1. Donations are a necessary thing for every non profit organization out there. There are a few things to keep in mind when creating a donor-friendly site. Second, make the actual donation process as painless as possible. 2. Getting media attention can have a huge impact on a non profit organization. 26 Charities and Non-Profits on Twitter.

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26 Charities and Non-Profits on Twitter

Cohen is a writer and Director of Communications at @ALSofGNY. He is @obilon on Twitter. What is it about social media people that make them just so darn generous? Every day I read my Twitter stream and come across one or two people who are creating awareness or trying to raise money to help one cause or another. Step back and you can certainly see how it makes sense. It’s no small wonder then that non-profits abound on Twitter. As Director of Communications at @ALSofGNY, I have embraced the benefits of Twitter. 1. Name: @the1010projectWebsite: the1010project.orgMission: "The 1010 Project is a nonprofit organization that provides income-generating grants to indigenous development partners in Kenya and raises awareness in the United States on behalf of the global poor.

" Denver is a long way from Kenya. 2. Name: @AmericanCancerWebsite: cancer.orgMission: "The American Cancer Society (ACS) is a nationwide, community-based voluntary health organization. " 20 of the Top Nonprofits to Follow on Twitter.