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Drones in Humanitarian Action » Case Study No. 3: Mapping – Small-scale Mapping with Consumer Drones in Nepal. Type of system: DJI Phantom 3 Advanced with Pix4Dcapture mobile appDeploying Agency: UAViatorsPiloting Agency: DJIDates of Deployment: September 2015 Summary The aims of the project were to provide drone training to locals around Kathmandu and to demonstrate the potential use of drone imagery in disaster response.

Drones in Humanitarian Action » Case Study No. 3: Mapping – Small-scale Mapping with Consumer Drones in Nepal

To this end, relatively affordable consumer drones, together with mapping software and a flight-planning app, were used to achieve similar results to those a professional mapping drone would produce.Download PDF Background One of the main challenges to planning and post-disaster recovery activities in Nepal is that the quality of readily available satellite imagery is too low[1] to really be useful given how dense Kathmandu and other cities are. Connexion Amazon. Abonnez-vous ! - L'Ecole à la maisonL'Ecole à la maison. Manuels de Méthodologie. Pioneer in UAV / drone-based farming applications.

Pix4D - Drone Mapping Software. Locaux industriels 3 000€ - Le spécialiste des annonces du sud-ouest. Taranis Battery Notes. Flashage du firmware de la Taranis X9D Plus. Auteur: Alex - fondateur de FPV PASSION Il existe à ce jour beaucoup de guides et de posts sur la mise à jour des firmwares OpenTX, et beaucoup d’entre eux sont assez compliqués.

Flashage du firmware de la Taranis X9D Plus

Si vous êtes comme moi, nouveau possesseur de la Taranis x9d Plus 2015, qui dispose déjà d’un firmware 2.0.x installé, le processus est plus facile que cela peut être. Par voix de conséquence, et bien que la rédaction de ce tutoriel soit faite attentivement, vous engagez votre responsabilité. Ma Taranis est arrivée sous OpenTX 2.0.9-eu préinstallé, qui est dépassé par rapport à l’actuelle version 2.0.15. Certains diront que vous ne devez installer que les firmwares fournis par FrSky, mais à mon avis, la communauté OpenTX est si grande que les bugs dans les firmwares plus récents seront rapidement trouvés et traités, donc je me suis lancé.

Je vais vous expliquer comment mettre à jour cette radio, grâce au logiciel Companion. Téléchargement de Companion Démarrage de la Taranis Plus en mode bootloader Validez sur OK. . Complete 250 Mini Quad Parts List - FPV Quadcopter Component Choice. Building your own quadcopter is fun but researching parts is laborious, so I have compiled a list of parts and brands for the 250 size mini quadcopter.

Complete 250 Mini Quad Parts List - FPV Quadcopter Component Choice

It’s a great time saver and you won’t miss any amazing components for you mini quad. There are still a lot of info need to be added, such as review links, test data links for motors, build links for the frames etc. I will try my best to maintain and keep this list up to date. I am also hoping if anyone spot any good parts/links that I am missing, you can comment down below to let me know. Complete 250 Mini Quad Parts List - FPV Quadcopter Component Choice. Fabriquer un drone de course FPV à moins de 200€ - Mon Drone. Je vous ai parlé dans une news précédente de ces petits quadricoptères taillés pour la course en FPV.

Fabriquer un drone de course FPV à moins de 200€ - Mon Drone

Comme j’ai déjà une bonne partie du matériel avec mes autres drones, j’ai décidé de me monter un « quad racer » pour pas cher. Différentes teams de pilotes proposent des châssis de très grande qualité avec une config aux petits oignons. Construire un Multicoptère, c’est facile ! (partie 1) Mon châssis en H maison J’ai beau lutter contre ce préjugé sur la construction des multicoptères, on ne veut pas me croire !

Construire un Multicoptère, c’est facile ! (partie 1)

Oui, j’assume, tout le monde peut en construire un, si vous ne me croyez toujours pas après cet article, je ne pourrai plus rien faire. Avant de vous lancer dans la construction d’un quadricoptère, si vous n’avez jamais piloté ce genre d’engin, commencez par un Hubsan X4 ou tout autre appareil appartenant à la même catégorie de taille, histoire d’économiser un peu d’argent en pièce détachées. RCX-H250CF-3K-P2 : RCX H250CF-3K FPV Quadcopter (3K Carbon Fiber / H1806 Motor / 12A ESC / 5030 / KK 2.1) [RCX-H250CF-3K-P2] Review - USD99.99 : MyRcMart.COM : This is the 3K Carbon Fiber (FULL CARBON) version of H250 frame which was designed to have more.

Emax Nighthawk 250 Carbon Fiber FPV Racer Kit. Emax Nighthawk 250 Carbon Fiber FPV Racer Kit The Emax Nighthawk 250 Racer is one of the best available, featuring a carbon fibre frame, SimonK speed controllers and 2300kv motors.

Emax Nighthawk 250 Carbon Fiber FPV Racer Kit

The Nighthawk is designed to be fast, light and agile and is the ultimate tool for the FPV Racing pilot. For live view simply attach a camera such as the Mobius and a video transmitter such as the ImmersionRC 600mw or Flysight 400mw. For a guide on building this kit, see our EMax Nighmax build blog here. CC3D Flight Controller The CC3D provides a crisp feel when flying tricopters, quads, hexas, octocopters, and even fixed wing planes. EMAX Nighthawk 250 FPV Racer Build Overview. The EMAX Nighthawk 250 Kit is the best value '250' size FPV racer we offer.

EMAX Nighthawk 250 FPV Racer Build Overview

In this blog, we will go through an unboxing as well as a build overview to show how easy it is to build your very own FPV racer. Unboxing The EMAX Nighthawk kit comes in a clean minimalistic white box. Opening the box reveals all the individual parts of the combo kit in their own packaging. The combo comes with 4x SimonK 12A ESC, 1x CC3D Flight Controller, 4x ‘6030’ Carbon Fibre Props, 4x EMAX MT2204 2300KV Brushless Motors and the Carbon Fibre Airframe. Emax\ZMR 250 Pro Bundle $199 Airbot Motors/OneShot/4S capable - RC Groups. The Inspiration for the Name Here's what may be M.O.'s inspiration for the name: the This is an Actual frame grab from the 808 camera on either my DeadFish or BlackFish quad as I circuited our course at a local park.

Emax\ZMR 250 Pro Bundle $199 Airbot Motors/OneShot/4S capable - RC Groups - Emax FPV Racer. Currency : $ Welcome Log in Cart (empty) No products $0.00 Shipping: $0.00 Tax $0.00 Total.

Emax FPV Racer

ImmersionRC XuGong-10 FPV Quadcopter ARF Kit. ImmersionRC XuGong-10 FPV Drone ImmersionRC have created the ideal quadcopter for the FPV flyer who is always on the go.

ImmersionRC XuGong-10 FPV Quadcopter ARF Kit

The XuGong-10 features collapsible arms so that the copter can be easily stowed in a rucksack, which means you can comfortably carry your drone with you on the mountain trails, whether you are taking your walking boots or skis/snowboard. The integrated locking action on the foldable arms means you don’t have to carry tools for getting the copter ready to fly, with just 10 seconds required to power-up and get flying. h250 zmr250 250mm fibre de carbone mini-quadcopter kit cadre de multicopter - €31.44. Getting off the ground: Cheap drones for photography: Digital Photography Review. Aerial photography is booming. Putting a camera up in the air offers new opportunities in familiar types of photography and videography, like sports, landscapes, and more. Even better, it costs less than $1,000 to get started with the DJI Phantom II and GoPro Hero3+ - widely considered to be the gold standard setup for drone photography.

While that buy-in price is reasonable for such a new hobby, it still costs about as much as a mid-level system camera plus a decent lens. But is there a cheaper way to try it out? There are a handful of truly affordable quadcopters out there, as cheap as $60, ready to fly and equipped with built-in cameras. The quads We picked three affordable quads to test out, each at a different price point.

At the low end, there's the Hubsan X4. FPV Racing : Fast & Furious Drones. FPVRACING.TV. Belgian Drone Academy. XuGong-8 Foldable Quadcopter - RC Groups. News By Jim T. | The XuGong-8 has a unique folding arm design that allows it to be ready to fly seconds after popping it out of the case. It also has anti-jello supports that isolate the frame from the battery and camera. Here is the XuGong-8 folded up.

FPV - Forum AMR. RCX-H250CF-3K-P3 : RCX H250CF-3K BNF FPV Quadcopter (Walkera Devo / FrSky[Futaba] / FlySky) [RCX-H250CF-3K-P3] Review - USD169.99 : MyRcMart.COM : This is the 3K Carbon Fiber (FULL CARBON) version of H250 frame which was designed to have more mounting opt. RCX-H250CF-3K-P2 : RCX H250CF-3K FPV Quadcopter (3K Carbon Fiber / H1806 Motor / 12A ESC / 5030 / KK 2.1) [RCX-H250CF-3K-P2] Review - EUR93.94 : MyRcMart.COM : This is the 3K Carbon Fiber (FULL CARBON) version of H250 frame which was designed to have more. Quadcopter FX Simulator - Android Apps on Google Play.

Enter a tropical rainforest and live the life of a poisonous Snake! Explore a lush jungle filled with ferocious animals and insects of all shapes and sizes. Raise a family, hunt down food, and battle for your life against fierce predators like tigers, crocodiles, and gorillas! Download the Snake Simulator today while it's 50% OFF for a very limited time! Game Features+ REALISTIC SIMULATOR - You'll need to maintain your health, hunger, thirst and energy if you're going to survive in the hostile jungle!

+ EPIC BATTLES - Use your razor sharp fangs, swift speed, and hypnotic stare to hunt down tasty critters and fight dangerous rainforest animals like the silverback gorilla! + LEVEL UP YOUR SNAKE - Gain experience by defeating and devouring enemies and level up your snakes to increase their health, attack damage, and even unlock new abilities like Venom Shot! Lunettes FPV DIY Quanum - Drone FPV Racer. RC250 Carbon Fiber ARF Combo EMAX MT2204 12A ESC CC3D Avios "Riff Raff" 99 Sea Fury Racer EPO 1200mm (PNF) The Hawker Sea Fury was the last propeller-driven fighter to serve with the Royal Navy and also one of the fastest production piston-engine aircraft ever built.

Developed during the Second World War, the Sea Fury entered service two years after the war ended and proved to be a popular aircraft with a number of overseas militaries, also seeing service during the Korean War in the early 1950s. Since that time many airframes have survived through the efforts of private owners and have enjoyed a long post-military career at air shows, with heavily modified versions participating in the annual Reno Air Races in the Unlimited Class. Avios brings you a exemplary example of the legendary Hawker Sea Fury Reno Racer known to fans the world over as Riff Raff. A brilliant no-glue design arrives with all electronics pre-installed, just needing a battery and radio system to complete. The stunning colors of Riff Raff means this model is sure to please both in the air and on the ground.

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