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I Love You Over and Over Again | Inside Movies We here at Moviefone may sometimes front like hardened cynics, complaining about how hackneyed or contrived the latest romantic comedy is, or even going so far as to rank the 25 worst ever. But deep down, we're hopeless romantics just like everyone else (yeah, even you, Steven Seagal). To prove it, we've crafted this tribute to love and romance. Send it to the person (or people) you love... Because if there's anything we've learned from watching movies, it's that sometimes screenwriters -- and the actors bringing their words to life -- can express our sentiments exactly. Happy Valentine's Day. I Love You Over and Over Again | Inside Movies
Easter Eggs - Gravity Falls6-18 Posted Monday, December 30 in TV > TV Shows In every episode of Gravity Falls there is a reference to the number 618 (kind of like with Weird Al and 27 or Pixar and A113), which is Alex Hirsch and his twin sisters birthday. 618 appears on the cash register, in magazines and even on banners. Step By Step- New Kids On The BlockBandmate Brother/original Member Posted Monday, December 30 in Music > Music Videos Easter Eggs -
Title: PassagesFandom: Firefly auRating: pg-13 (for now.)Pairing: River/JayneSummary: River was always a good child. She always did what was expected of her, but when her parents accept a marriage contract against her will she can no longer stay there. With the help of her brother and the crew of Serenity she may just find her place in the 'verseDisclaimer: I do not own anything and no profit was made. (This is also my first posting to live journal. So be kind and if there is something that doesn't make sense or I have done wrong, please let me know.) comments and reviews are always welcome. River placed her feet gently on the ground trying her hardest not to make any noise. Copper For A Kiss Copper For A Kiss