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How To Make Honeycomb Pom-Poms Mr Printables Blog. I’m seeing lovely honeycomb pom-poms floating around here and there and they make me happy! They seemed quite straight forward to make so I tried making them with some tissue papers I had. It turned out really well – easy to make and quite satisfying, so I’ve made this little tutorial for you. It’s magical when you first open them up into a ball! You can use any thin paper you have and get creative with color combinations. Honeycomb pom-poms can be used for party decorations, photo shoot backdrops for special days, mobiles or cheerful wall decoration for kids rooms.

You need: tissue papers, glue stick (soft new one!) How to make Honeycomb Pom-poms 1. Take multiple sheets of tissue paper and layer them on top of each other, now fold these in half to make double the layers, then fold in half again to create loads of layers. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Taa-daa! Glue the cardboard ends back to back to form a sphere. Aren’t they pretty? Weekly wrap up + paper scrap light. It’s a whopping 70 degrees in Brooklyn right now, so I’m going to get out from under the pile of packing boxes in our house and get some fresh air. Before I head out, I wanted to share this beautiful (and totally genius) DIY light project that graphic designer Gabrielle Guy created for a friend. After moving into a new house and finding an old lantern left behind, Gabrielle decided to cut strips from scrap paper and glue them onto the shade.

Two days later, the result was an incredibly stunning artichoke-like lamp that looks expensive but cost close to nothing. I’m so impressed with this project that I had to share it as inspiration for the weekend. Here’s to everyone making something beautiful out of what they have around them. See you Monday! Xo, grace Below is a summary of this week’s highlights: Page de démarrage de Mozilla Firefox. Yes! Do It Yourself! Free Printables. Sphere #009 « PaperMatrix. Sphere #009 is the same sphere as Sphere #001 and you weave as described for that. I have reduced the size so that the ornament would better fit a Christmas tree. To make it easier to start weaving I have collected 6 arms in one piece. You need 2 x two pieces to make a sphere. Just fix the pieces to form 2 full circles and weave as usual. If you want a simple chequered sphere use 2 colours. For the sphere in front I used 2 red pieces, one pink, and one yellow. This is a file for cutting: sphere 009 cut Like this: Like Loading...

Vincent Pianina. Pâte à modeler Maison pour décorer votre mariage - Mariage D.I.Y. Mercredi 5 octobre 3 05 /10 /Oct 23:26 Un DIY original et écologique de Minieco : la pâte à modeler. Oui, mais la Pâte à modeler Maison ! Avec les ingredients naturel ! C'est tellement beau qu'on pourrait les manger... Il vous faut selon les couleurs souhaitées, des Pétales de Rose, Fraises, Framboises, Betterave, Myrtilles etc...bref, des fruits, des légumes, des végétaux qui colorent ! Il vous faut aussi ( unité : verre ) pour la pâte : 1/4 de farine, 1/4 d'huile, 1/4 de sel, 1/4 d'eau, 1/4 crème par couleur.

Pas à pas de la Pâte à modeler Maison : La 1ère phase consiste à préparer vos couleurs. La 2ème phase sera le mélange couleurs + pâte. Phase 1 couleur ( 1 bol pour chaque couleur ) . Une grosse poignée des 2 fruits + une tasse d'eau. . Enlevez les pétales de 6 grosses roses, ajoutez 1 tasse d'eau et portez à ébullition 20 mn environ usqu'à réduction de moitié. . . Phase 2 mélange couleur + pâte Mélangez tous les ingredients pour la pâte + votre bol de mixure couleur. Guest blogger - Sasha from The Guilded Bee: Hello this is Sasha of The Gilded Bee :), I love to discover ways of taking everyday and often overlooked items and creating something special. Today I'm honored to be able to share these with you: Supplies to make these flowers:• paper cupcake/muffin liners• cloth or paper covered florist wire• wire cutters• scissors• hot glue gun and glue 1. to make this flower, I used 3 regular cupcake liners2. make a cut down one side of the liner, then cut out the center (you only want the crinkled part of the paper)3. along the outer edge, make little snips, space them about ½ inch apart, be sure not to cut any more than halfway through the paper.4. repeat steps 2, and 3 with your other liners Project Carnations Variations: You can make these with any size of liner, you could use patterned liners, and you can add extra layers to create a fuller bloom (the white carnation pictured is made with 6 reg. size liners, the multi one has 9, and the yellow has 12).

The Carnation Brooch: 2. 3. 4. 5. DIY Origami. ♥ DIY / DIY stamping with rolling pins.