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Search. Presentation_CV. Inkscape gets OpenSCAD converter. Tired of jumping through hoops to go from Inkscape to OpenSCAD?

Inkscape gets OpenSCAD converter

Dan Newman created a new 3rd party extension that simply exports vector objects as .scad files. This is not the first attempt to implement the exporter: there were at least two more, by Marty McGuire and by John Cliff. However the currently available second version of Dan’s Inkscape extension goes further than its predecessors: it translates arcs, clones, circles, ellipses, lines, paths, polygons, polylines, rects, and splines. It also handles groups and viewboxes. The best Inkscape plugin collections. Inkscape Extension: Text from CSV Published › April 30, 2012 // 0 Comments Extension to enter text from a CSV file.

The best Inkscape plugin collections

Here is an extension to place text on a drawing from a csv file. This is useful if you want to plot map data etc. Asyazwan/ext-sozi @ GitHub. Inkscape. Senshu/Sozi - GitHub.

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