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First_Hop_Redundancy.pdf. CCNA Security. THIS IS A DEMO VERSION.

CCNA Security

Please get a login for full access. Login [Cisco Simulators] This contains a range of Cisco simulators: Cisco Router. Router. Network Security Fundamentals CCNP Secure Test 1. Unit 2: Network Security Threats CCNP Secure Test 2. Unit 3: NFP overview CCNP Secure Test 3. Unit 4: Switch Data Plane Security Note: The switch simulator is not available in this demo [Challenge 1]. Unit 5: Cisco Identity-based Network Services (IBNS) CCNP Secure Test 5.

Unit 6: Basic 802.1x [Challenge 1]. Unit 7: Advanced 802.1x [Challenge 1]. Unit 8: Routed Data Plane Security [Challenge 1]. Unit 9: Control Plane Security [Challenge 1]. Unit 10: Cisco IOS Management Plane Security.


VoIP. Using VPN with Zone-Based Policy Firewall  [Cisco IOS Firewall. Zone-Based Policy Firewall Design and Application Guide. AnyConnect over IKEv2 to ASA with AAA and Certificate Authentication. Introduction This document describes how to connect a PC to a Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) with the use of AnyConnect IPsec (IKEv2) as well as certificate and Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) authentication.

AnyConnect over IKEv2 to ASA with AAA and Certificate Authentication

Note: The example that is provided in this document describes only the relevant parts that are used in order to obtain an IKEv2 connection between the ASA and AnyConnect. A full configuration example is not provided. Network Address Translation (NAT) or access-list configuration is not described or required in this document. Prepare for the Connection This section describes the perparations that are required before you can connect your PC to the ASA. Certificates with Proper EKU It is important to note that even though it is not required for the ASA and AnyConnect combination, RFC requires that certificates have Extended Key Usage (EKU): The certificate for the ASA must contain the server-auth EKU.The certificate for the PC must contain the client-auth EKU.

<? Cisco ASA: Setting up anyconnect vpn with SSL and IPsec. Introduction This post demonstrates how to set up anyconnect vpn for your mobile devices.

Cisco ASA: Setting up anyconnect vpn with SSL and IPsec

In this post I am using an android mobile phone and downloaded anyconnect ICS+. Cisco ASA software version 9.1(4), ASDM version 7.1, with anyconnect essential license and anyconnect for mobile license. This demonstration will configure IPsec and SSL remote access VPN, using AAA and Certificate authentication respectively. User’s data to internal network will be tunnelled in VPN, other traffic will be through the internet.

Services to be enabled for anyconnect vpn 1. Create anyconnect profile Anyconnect profile is in xml format, you can create a simple one using notepad. ASDM anyconnect profile editor navigation flow You can start your anyconnect profile by listing the available server list you intend to create, after which you can click on apply the command anyconnect profiles YOUR_PROFILE disk0:/YOUR_PROFILE.xml will be added for you in the webvpn section. Enable anyconnect on the outside interface. ASA 9.x: AnyConnect VPN Client U-turning Configuration Examples. Introduction This document describes how to set up an Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) Release 9.1(2) in order to perform Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) VPN on a stick with Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client.

ASA 9.x: AnyConnect VPN Client U-turning Configuration Examples

This setup applies to a specific case where the ASA does not allow split tunneling and users connect directly to the ASA before they are permitted to go to the Internet. Note: In order to avoid an overlap of IP addresses in the network, assign a completely different pool of IP addresses to the VPN Client (for example, 10.x.x.x , 172.16.x.x, and 192.168.x.x). This IP addressing scheme is helpful in order to troubleshoot your network. Hairpinning or U-turn This feature is useful for VPN traffic that enters an interface, but is then routed out of that same interface. Enter the same-security-traffic command in order to allow traffic to enter and exit the same interface. ciscoasa(config)#same-security-traffic permit intra-interface Prerequisites Requirements.


DMPVPN. QOS. IPS. Cisco Radius TACACS+ Cisco IOS 15 ssh key auth. How to configure IPv6 Address. How to configure IPv6 Address One option you have is to statically assign a unicast address to a device’s interface using either of these two approaches: Specify all 128-bits manually Use EUI-64 You can manually specify the entire 128-bit address, or you can specify the subnet ID and have the device use the EUI-64 method to create the interface ID part of the address Manually Configuring the IPv6 Protocol Unlike IPv6 in Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, the IPv6 protocol in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista is installed and enabled by default.

How to configure IPv6 Address

The IPv6 protocol for Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista is designed to be auto configuring. For example, it automatically configures link-local addresses for communication between nodes on a link. Form lan card propertiesFrom command prompt The properties of Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) component Commands in the netsh interface ipv6 context Windows Vista displays the Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) Properties dialog box.