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The future of TV as seen in Super Hi-Vision The future of TV as seen in Super Hi-Vision 62inShare Jump To Close
Which programming language should I learn first? Which programming language should I learn first? Recently I saw somebody asked a question in a forum, the question is "Which programming language should I learn first?". Then someone answered this question. His answer: Depends.To program in an expressive and powerful language: PythonTo get a website up quickly: PHPTo mingle with programmers who call themselves “rockstars”: Ruby.To really learn to program: C.To achieve enlightenment: Scheme.To feel depressed: SQLTo drop a chromosome: Microsoft Visual BasicTo get a guaranteed, mediocre, but well paying job writing financial applications in a cubicle under fluorescent lights: Java.To do the same thing with certifications and letters after your name: C#To achieve a magical sense of childlike wonder that you have a hard time differentiating from megalomania: Objective CI could go on… but I’m not feeling hateful enough today. I don't know whether you agree with him or not.
Here is what people have been saying about The Bowden + Sheffield: UBERGIZMO "...An iPad lover’s delight." TECHCRUNCH "...Minimalist design and smart functionality" TECHNABOB "...Offer good looking protection." GEARHUNGRY "If dime-a-dozen flimsy plastic cases aren't your thing... we've got what you need." IPADDISTI "...Ideato l'accessorio adeguato che combina un essenziale livello di protezione con la passione per un design elegante e l'impiego minimalista di ulteriori materiali." BOWDEN + SHEFFIELD Minimalist iPad Cases by Levi & Eric - FINEGRAIN BOWDEN + SHEFFIELD Minimalist iPad Cases by Levi & Eric - FINEGRAIN
168inShare Jump To Close There was once a time when the business of consumer technology was conducted with tangible goods. Digital ecosystems: an in-depth comparison Digital ecosystems: an in-depth comparison
How The Domain Name System (DNS) Works
Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard: the Ars Technica review Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard: the Ars Technica review At the end of my Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger review, I wrote this. Overall, Tiger is impressive. If this is what Apple can do with 18 months of development time instead of 12, I tremble to think what they could do with a full two years.
Support Details | Tech Support Management (Build 20111220165912)

Support Details | Tech Support Management (Build 20111220165912)

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Do Macs and Linux get Viruses and Malware? | USERBYTES.COM Do Macs and Linux get Viruses and Malware? | USERBYTES.COM Nov 17, 2010 Apple, Information, Operating Systems I often get asked do Macs get viruses like Windows? Well the short answer is NO they do not. Apple themselves say… “Mac OS X doesn’t get PC viruses. And its built-in defenses help keep you safe from other malware without the hassle of constant alerts and sweeps.”
HP's webOS had a feature called Touch to Share which allowed information to easily sync between devices, like the TouchPad and the unreleased Pre 3. Photo by Jon Snyder/Wired These days, accessing the same files across multiple devices can be a feat. Services like Dropbox can help transfer files from one device to another, but it’s not the most elegant solution. Aussie Startup Brings Seamless Computing Across Devices | Gadget Lab Aussie Startup Brings Seamless Computing Across Devices | Gadget Lab
Website Building Tool Jimdo Is Taking Off, Adding Cool Features, Making Money Website Building Tool Jimdo Is Taking Off, Adding Cool Features, Making Money Jimdo, a service that lets anyone create a good-looking website without too much effort, is on a roll. The tool has now been used to build over 4 million websites, and 200,000 more Jimdo-powered sites get published every month. Last year, the German startup behind the service rolled out a feature that let anyone create an online store, quickly and easily. Fast forward 15 months and 40,000 online stores have been built using the service, generating more than 7.5 million euros in sales. Today, the company is debuting a mobile-friendly view for optimized display on iPhone, Android handsets and other smartphones, which works for all Jimdo websites. In addition, all 40,000 online stores will have a mobile store with mobile checkout.
SublimeVideo started in 2010 as the world's first cloud-based HTML5 Video player; a pioneering solution that provides Web publishers with a fast, pain-free way to truly embrace and enable HTML5 and allows their videos to play flawlessly on any device, browser and web page. Today, SublimeVideo Framework, the world’s first HTML5 Video Player Framework, goes a giant leap beyond existing HTML5 Video player implementations, by solving two big HTML5 Video challenges for the very first time: Providing brands and web publishers with both total graphic freedom and complete features modularity, that just work, with pixel-perfect rendering, on any web browser and the latest mobile platforms. Learn more. Student Project Aelios for iPad Jilion Jilion

The Essential Spotify Tools

If you can build it yourself then the code is here: [] Instructions for building for Linux and Windows are in the ReadMe Otherwise I think that we're just going to have to be patient. There won't be a spotify addon for XBMC until it supports binary addons (all are python at the moment).
iOS 5 finally brings Nitro JavaScript speed to home screen Web apps Apple brought huge JavaScript performance improvements to Mobile Safari in March of this year, but those benefits didn't extend to Web apps saved to a user's home screen. iOS 5 will remedy that situation, however, finally putting home-screen Web apps on equal performance footing with those that run in the browser. Apple brought its Nitro JavaScript engine to Mobile Safari as part of iOS 4.3. Nitro uses just-in-time compilation to dynamically convert interpreted JavaScript code into compiled native ARM code that runs as much as 2.5 times faster than interpreted code. The engine then changes the area in the memory where the native code is stored from writeable (for data storage) to executable (for code) to run the code directly. Since Web-based applications rely heavily on JavaScript, Web apps running from within Mobile Safari got a significant speed boost form this improvement.
One of life's minor annoyances is having to wait on my devices to connect to the network after I wake them from sleep. All too often, I'll open the lid on my EeePC netbook, enter a web address, and get the dreaded "This webpage is not available" message because the machine is still working on connecting to my Wi-Fi network. On some occasions, I have to twiddle my thumbs for as long as 10-15 seconds before the network is ready to be used. The frustrating thing is that I know it doesn't have to be this way. Rapid DHCP: Or, how do Macs get on the network so fast? : Caffeinated Bitstream
Secrets of BackType's Data Engineers How do three guys with only seed funding process a hundred million messages a day? I sat down with the BackType team to discover how they built a service relied upon by companies like, Hunch and The New York Times. BackType captures online conversations, everything from tweets to blog comments to checkins and Facebook interactions. Its business is aimed at helping marketers and others understand those conversations by measuring them in a lot of ways, which means processing a massive amount of data. To give you an idea of the scale of its task, it has about 25 terabytes of compressed binary data on its servers, holding over 100 billion individual records. Its API serves 400 requests per second on average, and it has 60 EC2 servers around at all times, scaling up to 150 for peak loads.
Twitter Acquires Social Analytics Platform BackType

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