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Battle Of The Flagships (50+ Headphones Compared) THE BATTLE OF THE FLAGSHIPS continued...

Battle Of The Flagships (50+ Headphones Compared)

For nearly five years, the AH-D7000 held the title of heavyweight champion in Denon's headphone line until it was discontinued in 2012. The AH-D7100 is Denon's newest flagship. As is the case with all of Denon's current headphones, the drivers of the D7000 were designed by Foster Electric Company, Limited. Foster is, of course, better known in the headphone world as the founder of the manufacturer Fostex. Kickstarter: The playGo AP1 AirPlay and DLNA Wireless Receiver. Andy Ihnatko's Celestial Waste of Bandwidth (BETA) For maximum effect, you should watch these two videos in sequence.

Andy Ihnatko's Celestial Waste of Bandwidth (BETA)

It’s the same aria in the same 2009 Metropolitan Opera production of “Tales Of Hoffman” being sung two very different ways. Today, opera has pretentious undertones that scare people away. Okay, yes, it’s probably the undertones and all of the foreign speakey-talk. Journal de sljiva – My Top 50 Electronic Music Albums Of The 2000s – Last. Somewhat late comes my list of the best albums of the last decade, but I was occupied alot the last couple of months and was rarely even online, plus I wanted to carefully check out all the albums released in 2009 to determine if something is suitable for the list (haven't unfortunately found anything exceptionally good), so better late than never I guess.

Journal de sljiva – My Top 50 Electronic Music Albums Of The 2000s – Last

I just want to say that in my opinion this last decade was amazing when it comes to electronic music. Technology really created a space for further experimentation and innovation and a lot of talented producers appeared who had an ability to fill up that space. ▶ 15 Years Of Drumcode [Drumcode. 100 Favourite Techno Classics.

Jazz Albums for the Week of 18 July 2011. Terri Lyne Carrington - The Mosiac ProjectThis is the weekly US/Canada radio airplay list from Want to see stats regarding how many radio stations played your favorite album or how much it moved up or down the chart from last week?

Jazz Albums for the Week of 18 July 2011

Click here to get that information. The releases this week include the highly anticipated album from Terri Lyne Carrington - The Mosaic Project. Remember me telling you about it? It's a project that consists of a "who's who" of almost all of the top tier female jazz musicians and singers in the game right now. Share Spotify Playlists at The Essential Spotify Tools. Your Music Reviews, News, and Discussion. TuneCore : Digital Music Distribution – Sell Your Music Online. Vinyl Download.