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How Shanghai Schools Beat Them All. It appears that no one takes education quite as seriously as the Shanghainese.

How Shanghai Schools Beat Them All

Every three years, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) administers its worldwide Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) to measure how well a nation’s education system has been preparing its students for the global knowledge economy. Nations such as South Korea, Finland, and Singapore have traditionally topped the rankings, but, apparently, even they are no match for Shanghai, which shoved the others into lower positions in its very first year of participation in the programme, in 2009. When I was in Paris last week, I decided to drop in on Andreas Schleicher, the programme’s architect, to get his views on PISA and Shanghai’s education system. Dr. Schleicher, who was recently profiled in the Atlantic Monthly, had some very interesting things to say about both.

So how did Shanghai create the world’s best education system? The State of the U.S Education via Now I Know: The Most Isolated People in the World. Be sure to click the link below regarding the Sentinelese archers.

Now I Know: The Most Isolated People in the World

There are pictures of the archers in question at the linked-to page. -- DanThe Most Isolated People in the World The part of the Indian Ocean escapsulated by the eastern shore of India and the shores of Bangladesh and Myanmar (Burma) is called the Bay of Bengal (map). The eastern edge of the Bay of Bengal is defined as a set of islands called the Andaman Islands, an archipelago, most of which are under control of India. North Sentinel Island, a small dot of land, is part of the Andaman Islands. North Sentinel Island is set just west of the larger islands in the group, as seen as the red area in the map at the right. Between 50 and 400 people are estimated to live on North Sentinel Island. In 1967, Indian authorities began their first meaningful attempt to engage the Sentinelese by leaving coconuts as gifts on the island's shores.

What do we know about the Sentinelese? And that, unfortunately, is all we may ever learn. How to pick up women. BBC Education resource, interactive, pretty and fun. via A place for teachers to comment and debate about teaching methods, resources, tools, and issues whether they be controversial or typical.

BBC Education resource, interactive, pretty and fun. via

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