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10 Google Drive Hacks for Education. As classrooms use Google Apps more regularly, they'll begin to come up with more efficient ways to work and share.

10 Google Drive Hacks for Education

Some of these ideas may already be a part of your routine. 1. Keyboard Shortcuts The mouse is great, but it will eat you up if you have to produce a lot of work quickly, especially if you're making comments on multiple student docs. Ctrl C is copy and Ctrl V is paste. But the star of this show is the comment shortcut – Ctrl Alt M. 2. Speaking of comments, you can stylize your comment text with italics, bold, or strike through. A NEW Google Drive Cheat Sheet. Pinterest.

A NEW Google Drive Cheat Sheet

A Must Have Google Drive App for Teachers. May 8, 2014 Since the introduction of add-ons to Google Drive a few weeks ago, I tried several of these extensions on my Google Drive and I am really impressed by the great service some of them offer.

A Must Have Google Drive App for Teachers

Today, I am sharing with you one of my favourite apps to use on Google Sheets. This add-on is called Doctopus. 3 Google Drive Tools for Creating Professional-looking Diagrams and Flowcharts. April 9, 2015 We received a couple of requests from teachers asking for Google Drive add-ons to use with Google Docs to create and integrate diagrams and flowcharts.

3 Google Drive Tools for Creating Professional-looking Diagrams and Flowcharts

The first tool that came to mind is Gliffy for we have reviewed it here a couple of times but then we did a further search in Google Drive app store and picked two more to add to this list. For those of you looking for apps to create concept and mind maps in Google Drive, this selection is a good place to start with. 1-Gliffy. 4 Great Google Drive Tools to Create Stunning Visual Content to Use in Class.

Adding some variety to your teaching content can positively impact students learning and comprehension.

4 Great Google Drive Tools to Create Stunning Visual Content to Use in Class

Web 2.0 technologies empower teachers with various educational tools and apps to create engaging content. In today’s post, we are sharing with you some examples of applications to utilize with your Google Drive to design beautiful visual content to incorporate in your teaching. Some of the things you can do with these apps include: creating diagrams, flowcharts, posters, flyers, infographics, newsletters and many more. 1- Lucidpress Lucidpress is a great platform that allows you to create a wide variety of educational materials such as brochures, flyers, newsletters, digital banners, reports and many more. 2- Canva Canva is another great application for designing beautiful visual content.

10 Basic Google Drive Tips Every Teacher Should Know about (Poster) January 12, 2016 Whether you are a novice or veteran Google user, the visual below provides you with 10 essential tips to help you make the best of your Drive.

10 Basic Google Drive Tips Every Teacher Should Know about (Poster)

We have particularly focused on the following areas: how to: access your Drive files offline, customize sharing settings of your folders, connect and manage apps in your Drive, organize and sort your folders, convert uploaded files to Google Docs format, quickly search your Drive, change the language of your Drive and finally how to access a list of important keyboard shortcuts to use on your Drive. 1-Access your files offline You can access, view and edit your Drive files and folders while you are offline.

This feature only works on Chrome browser. 10 Google Drive Activities Teachers Can Do Using Chrome Apps. March 5, 2017 Upon the request of some of our readers here in EdTech and mLearning. we went ahead and created the infographic below which you can download and share in PDF format from this link.

10 Google Drive Activities Teachers Can Do Using Chrome Apps

The visual is based on our post '10 Practical Digital Activities Teachers Can Do on Google Drive Using Chrome Apps'. Each activity is realized through a selected number of Chrome apps. We only featured apps that are integrated with Google Drive. These activities are: Create Visual outlines (mind/concept maps) of complex concepts, ideas and tasksMerge, convert, edit and share PDF documentsCreate and share online presentationsCreate, track and work on collaborative projects in real timeCreate and edit online forms, surveys, spreadsheets, diagrams, flowcharts, and Excel filesCreate stunning visual contentRecord, edit and share audio clips Make and share podcasts and mixesCreate and share videos and animationsEdit, crop, resize and fine-tune images. 12 Effective Ways to Use Google Drive in Education. 15 Best Google Drive Add-Ons for Education. 15 Expert Google Drive Tips for Teachers.

By Jessica Sanders Google Drive makes your life easier and encourages collaboration and 21st century skill development among your students.

15 Expert Google Drive Tips for Teachers

Make sure you’re getting the most of out this free tool with these expert tips. 1. Use Google Docs templates. With more than 300 to choose from, you can create Pinterest-worthy docs in a fraction of the time. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 100 Ways To Use Google Drive In The Classroom. Create a Google Drive Folder for Each Student - Teacher Tech. A teacher was having her students work on an ongoing project where the students would save multiple documents to a folder in Google Drive.

Create a Google Drive Folder for Each Student - Teacher Tech

To make this process easier, I wrote a Google Apps Script file to automatically create and share the folders with the students. The template above will prompt you to make a copy of a spreadsheet. Rename the spreadsheet to something meaningful. Paste your class roster into column A and the student email addresses into column B. Use the Add-On menu to locate “Folder Maker.” Drive Cheat Sheet – Google Learning Center. Los trucos de Google Drive que debes conocer. Google Drive es una de las mejores opciones existentes para almacenar archivos en la nube y colaborar con otras personas.

Los trucos de Google Drive que debes conocer

Competencia directa de Dropbox, cuenta con una versión gratuita bastante atractiva, con muchas funcionalidades que permiten trabajar en grupo y aumentar la productividad de nuestro día a día, pero hay muchos trucos que pueden mejorar la experiencia, y ellos son los protagonistas de nuestro nuevo vídeo: Comenzamos comentando cómo podemos indicar que queremos acceder a un archivo específico sin necesidad de conexión a Internet, y explicamos cómo activar el modo offline para dicho documento.

Indicamos también cómo colorear las carpetas de los archivos almacenados en la nube, algo que ayudará a tener mejor control del tipo de información almacenada en cada una. Podemos también sincronizar Google Drive con Google Photos, obteniendo así una carpeta con el contenido que hemos subido en la plataforma. Teachers Easy Guide to Creating Quiz Shows on Google Drive.

January 3, 2015 Flippity is a powerful web tool that you can use with Google Spreadsheets to perform a variety of tasks. In the last post we published here we talked about how to use Flippity to create Flashcards and we visually demonstrated how teachers can go about creating their own flashcards using this tool. Today, we are sharing with you another great functionality provided by Flippity.