nothing This is a example based tutorial, with focus on practical needs. I assume you already know a scripting language (⁖ Python, Ruby, JavaScript, …). Each page is self-contained. However, it is recommened you read all numbered items in the Elisp Basics section. Use the search box at top to find things. Xah Emacs Lisp Tutorial Xah Emacs Lisp Tutorial
Collection of Emacs Development Environment Tools Homepage Collection of Emacs Development Environment Tools Homepage CEDET is a Collection of Emacs Development Environment Tools written with the end goal of creating an advanced development environment in Emacs. CEDET is hosted at Source Forge and is Free Software. You can view CEDET's CVS archive, project summary, and mailing lists at the CEDET Project page. Why is CEDET needed? Emacs already is a great environment for writing software, but there are additional areas that need improvement.
effective-emacs - steveyegge2 effective-emacs - steveyegge2 10 Specific Ways to Improve Your Productivity With Emacs Emacs is the world's best text editor. It's not just the best for editing program source; it's the best for any kind of text-editing. Mastering Emacs will make you more effective at writing and editing email, documentation drafts, blogs, HTML pages, XML files, and virtually everything else that requires any typing.
The EmacsWiki is dedicated to documenting and discussing EmacsAndXEmacs and EmacsLisp. See the MissionStatement for more information. You can edit this website. There’s a link, Edit this page, at the bottom of this and other pages. Please check SiteMap Discussion before editing this SiteMap page, however. EmacsWiki : Plan Du Site EmacsWiki : Plan Du Site