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Xah Emacs Lisp Tutorial. Nothing This is a example based tutorial, with focus on practical needs.

Xah Emacs Lisp Tutorial

I assume you already know a scripting language (⁖ Python, Ruby, JavaScript, …). Each page is self-contained. However, it is recommened you read all numbered items in the Elisp Basics section. Use the search box at top to find things. Emacs Lisp Basics String Replacement Examples of using regex with custom elisp function for the replacement string on current buffer or multiple files. Using ƒ in Replacement String Multi-Pair Find/Replace Transform Text Under Cursor Commands that act on the current {word, line, region} and transform them in some way. First, check out Emacs Lisp: Write Emacs Commands Using {Perl, Python, Ruby, …}. The following takes the text under cursor or current file, and do several things. ⁖ updating files, lookup web, …. Batch Text Processing In the following examples, typically a function is applied to thousands of files, either to generate a report or modify each file.

Transform HTML Advanced Emacs Lisp Misc. Collection of Emacs Development Environment Tools Homepage. Effective-emacs - steveyegge2. 10 Specific Ways to Improve Your Productivity With Emacs Emacs is the world's best text editor.

effective-emacs - steveyegge2

It's not just the best for editing program source; it's the best for any kind of text-editing. Mastering Emacs will make you more effective at writing and editing email, documentation drafts, blogs, HTML pages, XML files, and virtually everything else that requires any typing. The tips in this little document are geared towards Emacs power-users. You should be familiar with the basics of launching and editing with Emacs, and you should already know the essentials of copying stuff into your .emacs file, and debugging things (or finding a friendly Emacs Wizard) when something goes wrong.

Not all the tips are customizations to Emacs; some of them are changes to your desktop environment to make it work more seamlessly with Emacs. The key to understanding Emacs is that it's all about efficiency, which includes economy of motion. Item 1: Swap Caps-Lock and Control ! Item 5: Use Temp Buffers. EmacsWiki : Plan Du Site. The EmacsWiki is dedicated to documenting and discussing EmacsAndXEmacs and EmacsLisp.

EmacsWiki : Plan Du Site

See the MissionStatement for more information. You can edit this website. There’s a link, Edit this page, at the bottom of this and other pages. Please check SiteMap Discussion before editing this SiteMap page, however. HowToNavigate – help using the siteElispArea – upload and download EmacsLisp source codeHowToEdit – how you can contribute to the siteEmacsWikiAdministrators – handling vandalism and spam on this siteWikiDownload – how to get copies of the site Learning About Emacs: EmacsNewbie – basic concepts, vocabulary, notation used in documentationDocumentation – Emacs is self-documenting and helpfulHelp – online help from Emacs itself and its usersGlossary – Emacs terminologyEmacsNiftyTricks – tips you might not have found otherwise.RandomPage – for serendipitous visitors Downloading and Installing Emacs: General Use: External Programs and Remote Services: Programming Emacs in Lisp and C Source Code: