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YJC German Resources for Teachers & Students. German games. German Game Lessons. Step into German - Learn German through Music and Soccer  German Quizzes. German grammar. Note (zip, videos) pages with this sign contain a video Prologue How does German sound?

german grammar

Pronunciation Personal pronouns in basic form (Nominative) Verbs in present tense Articles in basic form (Nominative) Formation of the plural First phrases declension in German Pronouns Indefinite article Negation in German Some prepositions Some conjunctions Past tenses Possessive pronouns Reflexive pronouns Werden and sein (Passive voice) Conjunctive, conditional and reported speech More prepositions Modal verbs (auxiliaries) More conjunctions Relative clauses Adjectives Adverbs Compound words Position of elements in a sentence Interrogative clauses Numerals Date and time Comparison of adjectives Imperative Present participle, gerund and infinitive constructions Orthographie, Groß- und Kleinschreibung Zeichensetzung. Television video film. German Practice. Homepage Olaf Böhlke Here are, in my opinion, some of the best links for language learning.

German Practice

German Practice Online: GPO German Audio & Video Online: GAVO Spanish Practice Online: SPO Spanish Audio & Video Online: SAVO Creating interactive exercises with detailed context sensitive feedback is a lot of work. Note for Teachers who want to create their own: If you want to create web-based interactive exercises with feedback on your own, my top recommendation is Hot Potatoes, which is free if you use it for academic work and make your exercises accessible to everyone on the web. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Hot Potatoes Interactive Exerercises with Webbrowser (collection of various grammar topics). JavaScript Interactive Exerercises with Webbrowser (collection of various grammar topics). Audio and Shockwave 1. Video 1.

Grammar Handouts, Information, Tables, Flowcharts, etc. 1. Grammar Drill Program with Correct/False feedback 1. Easy German. Picture Dictionary. Videos and exercises. German Videos. BBC-Deutsch Plus.