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Kids Classes. Dowry - Trousseau - pillows, sheets, sets, towels, rugs, carpets, curtains. Despite all the divergences in ritual over the ages and from country to country, each society found its own but often similar ways of dealing with the material and financial aspects of the marriage partnership.

Dowry - Trousseau - pillows, sheets, sets, towels, rugs, carpets, curtains

Paying money was one such widespread custom. While in some countries it was traditional for the bride's family to pay money to the groom, like the "dowry" of England or the "drohoma" of Greece, in others, like Turkey, the groom paid money to the bride's family. The marriage contract, too, was a widespread institution across many cultures, such as the "yinou" of Japan signed before the marriage consisting of a list of the couple's shared household goods.

Another institution found in many different countries is the trousseau - known in England as the "bottom drawer" and in Turkey as the "çeyiz sandığı" or "trousseau chest". If a young girl disappeared suddenly in a village, her mother would first rush to see whether her trousseau was still in its place. Ayşe Önal is a journalist. Soap in Bed Combats Leg Cramps. Claim: A bar of soap between the bedsheets will prevent leg cramps.

Soap in Bed Combats Leg Cramps

Origins: Many people are plagued by nocturnal leg cramps, those involuntary and agonizing muscle contractions that strike in the depths of the night, waking sleepers with jolts of pain that leave them awash in waves of suffering until the kinks finally relax. While many possible causes have been posited for these contractions, those afflicted by them are far more concerned with getting rid of these debilitating cramps than they are with understanding their origin.

Over the years, many preventions have been suggested, including: Stretching one's calf muscles prior to going to bed. Slipping a bar of soap into the bed as a leg cramp prevention has been advanced by a number of authorities, both medical and otherwise. As to how this works — or even if it does — we're still in the dark. Discover Your Body Shape. You are here: Style Makeover Steps > Your Body Shape The Female Horizontal Body Types:Hourglass, Inverted Triangle, Triangle, Rectangle, Diamond, Oval If you like your body shape you are either male or a very unusual female!

Discover Your Body Shape

However, whether you like your body or not, if you understand what your current shape and proportions are and know a few style guidelines for your shape you are well on your way to looking your best. The female body types most people are familiar with are what image consultants refer to as the horizontal body shapes. COLOR THEORY: COLOR ANALYSIS BASED ON COLOR SCIENCE. The book was a huge success but by the 90’s the popularity faded.


There are some who think the whole thing was just a fad, that people can wear whatever color they want to and look great; that people shouldn’t be ‘confined’ to a limited number of colors in their palette. Pretty Your World couldn’t disagree more! Sure, you CAN wear whatever color you want to. But if you want to look YOUR BEST, you’ll want to wear colors that harmonize with your natural coloring. It’s really that simple. Color Analysis is NOT A FAD! However, there was only one drawback to the 80’s color craze and that was the 4 Season Color Theory (Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn) was not complete. Eventually the 4 Season theory was later refined and developed into the more complete and more accurate 12 Season Color Theory.

Since my evolution of learning started with the 4 seasons, then built up to the 12 and finally understanding the 16 seasons, this is how I will present the information on my site. Soft...Soft & muted. The vintage heirloom dress-a tutorial. Ok, so this photo shoot represents an occasion that’s kind of a big deal.

the vintage heirloom dress-a tutorial

Can you guess? Charlotte is walking! And thus, standing on her own, which makes taking photos so much more fun. Love that dimple! Get Started Crocheting. Free Must-Have Apps for Social Studies.pdf. Geometry Worksheets & Printables. DIY Sweat-sacoche diy-laptop-sweat – the Trendy Girl. Coca Cola - How to make Coca-Cola at home. Codenamed "Merchandise 7X", the list of ingredients that go into Coke - 922 million litres of which were drunk in the UK last year - has been kept carefully shrouded in mystery since the drink's inventor, a medicinal chemist called John Pemberton, first wrote it down in 1886.

Coca Cola - How to make Coca-Cola at home

These days it is supposedly kept under 24-hour guard in a vault in Atlanta, Georgia, which is odd considering that author Mark Pendergrast published it in his exposé of the cola industry For God, Country & Coca-Cola (Basic Books) in 1993. The company maintains that this recipe is not the same as the one it uses. Kate Rich and Kayle Brandon are bar managers at the Cube Microplex, an "alternative" cinema in central Bristol. Opposed in principle to the business and environmental practices of the Coca-Cola corporation, the Cube bar has never served Coke. That doesn't mean there isn't a demand for it.