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Cinema eBooks. Kogonada on Vimeo. 100 Resources (Even More) for Filmmakers, Cinematographers, and Crew. How many resources exist for filmmakers?

100 Resources (Even More) for Filmmakers, Cinematographers, and Crew

Surely after I had found 100 Resources and then 100 More Resources, there wouldn’t be anything left. At least, that’s what I kept telling myself. But that’s the beautiful thing about the Internet and the film community — it’s growing and not slowing down anytime soon. So I’ve reached back into the well and found another 100 resources perfect for filmmakers, cinematographers, camera assistants, and just about anyone who has ever stepped on a film set. I suggest you bookmark this post to keep it as a reference — it’s full of great info. This list is separated into sections which can be accessed quickly below: Blogs and Websites 1. Ted Hope is a film producer with a strong voice in the independent film community. 2. Chris’ blog, Through the Lens, first caught my eye when he published a post titled, “30 Tips for Being an Outstanding Camera Assistant.” 3. 4.

MIT's Free Online Film and Media Courses. MIT's Comparative Media Studies program is part of MIT's OpenCourseWare initiative, wherein the top-tier school posts extensive course materials online.

MIT's Free Online Film and Media Courses

One of the reasons I named this site No Film School is because I didn't think it made sense for me (and I'm not saying this is true for everyone) to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to go to film school. But what if one of the most respected universities in the country posted their film and media courses online, for free?

MIT's goal with the Comparative Media Studios program is: Script Magazine: Your Source for Film & TV Writing Techniques. FIPRESCI - Conciliation between the Mainstream and the Artistic. Ahmed El Sobky's name (the most hated producer by Egyptian intelligentsia) is emblazoned on the credits of a film participating in the main competition of Locarno International Film Festival, Yousry Nasrallah is using a sha'abi song (belonging to the working class) performed by famed singer Mahmoud El Lithy while a belly dancer next to him swirls around libidinously.

FIPRESCI - Conciliation between the Mainstream and the Artistic

Two phrases seemingly out of the ordinary, yet they better describe how we witnessed a peace treaty between art-house and mainstream cinema that created an enjoyable gem of a film. Brooks, Meadows and Lovely Faces is an alternative for unnecessary classifications. It uses the best of mainstream filmmaking (from stars to spices and melodramatic plotlines) to draw in the public without sinking into a bowl of banality. More Youthfulness… Less Theorizing. Allison Kelly on Vimeo. ع البحري. Section 3: Place and Identity - The People, Place, and Space Reader. Likewise, geographer Kay J.

Section 3: Place and Identity - The People, Place, and Space Reader

Anderson describes how race and class privilege infused the social production of space in late 19th-century Vancouver, Canada. Anderson’s work examines the variety of material and social practices through which both racialized space and constructed notions of racialized difference were produced and naturalized. Her research looks at how “Chinatowns” were fabricated in many cities by white Europeans and Anglo- Americans in the 19th century. She focuses her careful examination on Vancouver to detail how those in power delineated difference and limited people marked as other—in this case the Chinese population—through the spatializations of cultural norms and values.

This included labeling their cultural activities such as lodging, eating, gambling, and opium use as unsanitary or immoral, while refusing to extend sanitation services or employment to these communities. Sometimes identity and place are so tightly bound that it is hard to separate them. 50 documentaries you need to see. Joshua Oppenheimer The Texan director’s feature debut, The Act of Killing (2012), and its follow-up, The Look of Silence (2014), explore the aftermath of massacres in Indonesia.

50 documentaries you need to see

Both were nominated for Oscars. 50 documentaries you need to see. 10 Notable Filmmakers Who Work In Both Documentary & Fiction. Truth may or may not be stranger than fiction, but both impulses certainly exert a powerful pull on the filmmaking instinct.

10 Notable Filmmakers Who Work In Both Documentary & Fiction

With so many established narrative directors over the years turning their hand to documentaries, whether it’s “making of,” band documentaries, or passion projects that they use to create greater awareness of the issues that are closest to their hearts, it’s a well-trodden path. And while they’re treading that path, they get to wave at the men and women coming in the opposite direction: documentarians make the crossover into narrative just as frequently. CinemaArt. الرئيسية. Style In Film. Style in Film: Isabelle Huppert’s Red Leather Gloves in A Comedy of Power With this year’s Elle and Things to Come, Isabelle Huppert is challenging female stereotypes.

Style In Film

But the truth is she has been honing her ferocious talent for over forty years. In Claude Chabrol’s 2006 L’ivresse du pouvoir (A Comedy of … Articol complet. "Something's Wrong, Like More Than You Being Female": Transgressive Sexuality and Discourses of Reproduction in Ginger Snaps. BRIGITTE.

"Something's Wrong, Like More Than You Being Female": Transgressive Sexuality and Discourses of Reproduction in Ginger Snaps

Ging, what's going on? Something's wrong, like more than you being just female. Can you say something please? GINGER. I can't have a hairy chest, B, that's fucked. Televisor. Find Music From TV and Movies. Agoodmovietowatch - The Good Movies You Haven't Yet Seen. أكتشف بنفسك : الصفحة الرئيسية > توثيق > علمي > علم البصريات > آلة التصوير. مصطلحات مسرحية. Through Her Eyes: Visuality and the Gaze in The Descent. Seminal: Kim Cattrall’s Ad for a Famous Butter Substitute Was a Powerful Détournement of the Male Gaze. At Flavorwire, we often pay attention to the new, but we make sure to do so not at the expense of what’s come before it.

Seminal: Kim Cattrall’s Ad for a Famous Butter Substitute Was a Powerful Détournement of the Male Gaze

In “Seminal,” a bi-weekly column, we examine earlier, under-acknowledged exemplars of dramatic mastery from revered actors’ careers — moments that should be described as, dare I say, seminal. This week, it’s the perennially sensual Kim Cattrall’s work spreading I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter on toast in a plea to get consumers to realize that “It’s Not Butter,” while deeply empathizing with their disbelief at that fact. Incidentally, among all that, she happens to hijack the male gaze. La Loba's Gaze - Film Criticism from an Egyptian Feminist. السينما المصرية قامت على أكتاف المرأة. ‘Outlander’s Dark Exploration of Sexual Assault. The sexy, melodramatic Starz adaptation of Outlander started out as the most fun and female-friendly thing on TV.

‘Outlander’s Dark Exploration of Sexual Assault

Yet like many viewers who had read the source material, I nursed a nagging concern about where the show headed, based on the graphic turn the book takes towards the end. When would all the narrow escapes, the near-assaults and captures, turn at last into something inescapable and terrible? The answer came in the debut season’s final two episodes, which spared no detail in dramatizing a very intense rape and torture sequence between sadistic villain Black Jack Randall and our hero, Jamie Fraser. Anatomy of a Scene - Video Channel. سينما par Mòhàméd Ç. Files Photo Music Books Video Sign Up Log In Forgot password? Login with: Video Essay Archives - The Playlist. Really Dim’s Videos on Vimeo. Jorge Luengo Ruiz on Vimeo. للمهتمين بدراسة السينما والعاملين بذلك المجال: أكثر من 25 موقعًا سينمائيًا سيعلمونك الكثير.

Jacob T. Swinney on Vimeo. Notes on The Gaze. Daniel Chandler Laura Mulvey on film spectatorship Whilst these notes are concerned more generally with ‘the gaze’ in the mass media, the term originates in film theory and a brief discussion of its use in film theory is appropriate here. As Jonathan Schroeder notes, 'Film has been called an instrument of the male gaze, producing representations of women, the good life, and sexual fantasy from a male point of view' (Schroeder 1998, 208). The concept derives from a seminal article called ‘Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema’ by Laura Mulvey, a feminist film theorist. Avant-garde / Modernism / Postmodernism. M.Phil. in European Literature Fictions of Modernity Home | Dpt Sp & Port | CLAS | Libraries | University of Cambridge Week 1: Introduction Avant-garde / Modernism / Postmodernism © Geoffrey Kantaris 1997 Seminar Paper and Annotated Bibliography. Jacob T. Swinney. Bond Girl: Re-Watching and Re-Evaluating Goldfinger.

Welcome to Bond Girl, a new series where we’ll be re-watching and re-evaluating every James Bond film until Spectre’s release. Content warnings for: behavior read as sexual assault/coercion; heterosexism and lesbian erasure; brief mentions of domestic abuse and violence against women. The thing about any long-running franchise is that certain images, ideas, and tropes become iconic. These parts become important to fans and are so recognizable that non-fans can identify the franchise or get a joke just from the reference. These iconic images not only define the character around which the direct reference revolves, but also the franchise itself. Fans and non-fans alike draw connections between iconic imagery or text and the source material within seconds of seeing the former. The third film in the franchise and based on Ian Fleming’s seventh James Bond novel, Goldfinger is rife with iconic moments. The craft of screenwriting, movies, Hollywood, and the creative life.

Francis Ford Coppola and Brian De Palma: 'The Conversation' Between Two Great Filmmakers. The most personal of all films in Francis Ford Coppola’s repertoire was born between two big projects that helped Coppola gain the reputation he enjoys today, the first two parts of The Godfather trilogy. Two huge, big-budgeted movies, and a tiny personal story filmed between them, but an expertly made film that captured the nation’s state of mind and emotion after the Watergate scandal. The Conversation, starring the great Gene Hackman, is a subtle and restrained film about a professional eavesdropper, lonely and alienated, who uses his nifty gadgets to invade the privacy of the people around him. Coppola began meddling with the idea in 1966, but the first draft was penned three years later, with the film hitting theaters as late as 1974. The impact it made at the box office was negligible, even though it was hardly a failure.

The 17 Steps of The Hero’s Journey and Their Manifestations in Film. 10 Podcasts for Filmmakers, Film Fans and Industry Folks. The Seventh Row - Seventh Row. Welcome To Arab Film TV School Web Site. Online Film Critics Society - Index page. It is currently Sat Apr 09, 2016 3:22 pm. The Top Film Criticism Sites: An Annotated Blog Roll - Film Comment. Your Fix for Everything Film. Far Flungers. مكتبة قطر الرقمية. أرشيف الفيلم العربي. Download 2,000 Magnificent Turn-of-the-Century Art Posters, Courtesy of the New York Public Library.

Taher ALWAN طاهر علوان - Home. 57 Filmmaking Books You Need To Read. In our quest for furthering our knowledge and understanding of all aspects of filmmaking and video production, we often turn to books as a source of information. Anyone who follows this site knows that I’m a big reader and a life-long learner. Whilst nothing trumps real-world experience and time in the trenches of getting things done, books can open up whole worlds of experience that we can gain knowledge and understanding from. "الأعلى للثقافة" يعلن عن الفائزين بجوائز "بتانة" الأدبية. صانع الأفلام - - طريقك لتمويل و تسويق أفلامك : صانع الأفلام – شبكة السيناريو اسسها ويشرف عليها د.طاهر علوان A workshop. Video Essay Explores The Malleability Of Identity. Movies. Keyframe - Explore the world of film.

Talents International. Lighting Like Vermeer: How to Create Cinematic Depth with Lighting. MasterClass. كيف صورت السينما المصرية المثليين؟ - شريف الرملي ــ باريس. في اليوم العالمي للمرأة… سيرة موجزة لتاريخ رائدات السينما المصرية. Godard's Women Feminism vs Marxism, an essay fiction. Xavier Dolan’s Top 10 - Explore - The Criterion Collection. هاني البحيري. His Soul to Make: The Music Video Stylings of Xavier Dolan - PopOptiq.

Setting a Score: The Music Behind Xavier Dolan's Laurence Anyways. Film School: Online Filmmaking Course. Xavier Dolan. My cinematic fashion inspirations. Fashion in Xavier Dolan’s films. تناوبت عليها كل نجمات السينما . لماذا ترددت بوسي في قبول شخصية شهرزاد ؟  Cinema Writers United.