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Home. Global Threat Solutions - Executive Protection & Private Investigation. 百万富翁俱乐部 Millionaire CEO Club. Yoga Nidra Trainer Online - SOMAH Journeys. Yoga Nidra is an intuitive yet systematic meditation practice, that denotes the “sleep of the yogi”.

Yoga Nidra Trainer Online - SOMAH Journeys

It lays out a road map that allows us to explore the territory experientially through the various layers of our body/mind/spirit complex (koshas), from gross to subtle, supported by our innate wisdom and reorienting us back to the very ground of BEing. What sets this apart from regular sleep is that it is approached consciously. Supported by engaging the power of intention known as ‘sankalpa,’ (which is a way of being that is born of the heart) we are able to become mindful of our ever shifting states of consciousness, moving through them with awareness. Unlocking greater intuitive insight, poetic, artistic and creative inspiration as we come to know ourselves as undivided, as whole, connected to all of Life, despite the different states arising within and around us.

Yoga Nidra is an intuitive yet systematic meditation practice, that denotes the “sleep of the yogi”. Yoga teacher trainings Bali - Somah Journeys. Somah Journeys from the prestigious School of Sacred Arts in Bali (the original and longest-running yoga teacher training at Ubud’s renowned Yoga Barn) provides the highest quality educational and immersive experiences, facilitated by an internationally renowned faculty.

Yoga teacher trainings Bali - Somah Journeys

Director and lead mentor Simone MacKay (E-YRT 500 & YACEP) combines 20 years of teaching and practicing Classical and Tantra yoga with specialised Yoga Nidra study under leading experts Dr. Richard Miller, Dr. Kamini Desai and Dr. Uma Dinsmore-Tuli to offer this unique and transformational advanced yoga teacher training. This training is a non-dogmatic, experiential Yoga Nidra training that dynamically explores this ancient philosophy practice combined with contemporary research in meditation, sleep, neurological and physical health.Yoga Nidra can give you a deep understanding of the therapeutic, energetic, emotional and cognitive tools to reduce stress and tension, improve health and accelerate growth.

Required Reading: Billionaire gift. 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training: Swara Yoga Academy. Tatouage temporaire personnalisé à l'unité - Tatouage éphémère. Billionaire club. Pranayama Yoga Teacher Training: 100 Hour Advanced Module. Yin Yoga Teacher Training - Swara Yoga Academy. Yin Yoga is a unique practice in the sense that it helps us balance out our ‘yang’ [active] lifestyle and yoga practice with ‘yin’ [calming] energy.

Yin Yoga Teacher Training - Swara Yoga Academy

During this training, we will explore this practice thru the lenses of the 5 Element Theory of Chinese Medicine. We will spend 2 days on each element, exploring it’s essence thru direct experience in our yoga practices, as well as in lecture. Each Yin Posture has healing aspects that activate specific meridians and help healthy “Chi” or energy to circulate. During our asana clinics we will explore the main poses of the yin practice, how to modify the poses to suit the different bodies, how to use props and how to use the 5 Elements as a framework for creating yin sequences. We will also dedicate time to practice teaching in small groups and one-on-one. Millionaire CEO & Billionaires Club, Millionaire Gifts Shop Singapore.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training: Foundations of Swara Yoga. Each day includes a discussion of yoga philosophy, energetics & practices.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training: Foundations of Swara Yoga

These classes address the foundations of yoga and include texts such as the Yoga Sutras & Hatha Yoga Pradipika. We also use these open sessions to discuss in detail the physical & energetic practices of yoga, giving students the opportunity to share and ask questions relating to their practice. As yoga philosophy can often come across as dense and complicated, we tend to keep the content of these lectures quite simple (but profound) so that all students grasp the core content in a way which is relevant to their own practice, teaching and daily life.

Throughout the course, these classes also expand to cover a broad scope of topics including; yoga history, meditation, traditional Tantra traditions, yoga as a spiritual path, Ayurvedic medicine, Jyotish (Indian Astrology) and much more. Advanced poker training. Testimonials All full, unedited testimonials for this course can now be found HERE "... the advanced tactics series was phenomenal as well.

Advanced poker training

I learned some new things and he reinforced other things that I already knew. I would definitely recommend him. " - IAnonymous on 2+2 Poker Forum "I recently purchased the advanced course and can wholeheartedly recommend it without any reservation...