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Eclipse. UltraEdit/UltraCompare. Blocks. EditPadPro. Notepad2. Current Release: Version 4.2.25 Development Version: 5.0.26-beta4 Project last updated: October 28, 2012 The Story so far...


A few years ago, I found myself writing my first PHP projects using metapad. When I was looking around for text editors with syntax highlighting, I have come across the Scintilla source code editing component. I was very much impressed by this project, so I decided to create my own Scintilla-based text editor. Programmer's Notepad. XML Notepad. Wingware Python IDE. Komodo IDE. SciTE. SciTE is a SCIntilla based Text Editor.


Originally built to demonstrate Scintilla, it has grown to be a generally useful editor with facilities for building and running programs. It is best used for jobs with simple configurations - I use it for building test and demonstration programs as well as SciTE and Scintilla, themselves. SciTE is currently available for Intel Windows (XP or later) and Linux compatible operating systems with GTK+. It has been run on Windows 7 and on Fedora 12 and Ubuntu 10.10 with GTK+ 2.20. Notepad++