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Clearing Up Confusion – Deep Web vs. Dark Web. Earlier this week, Forbes released an article titled “Insider Trading on the Dark Web”.

Clearing Up Confusion – Deep Web vs. Dark Web

BrightPlanet was mentioned within the article, and BrightPlanet was introduced as a company that collects content from what is called the Dark Web. While we appreciate being mentioned in Forbes, there are a few definitions we want to clear up for readers. With recent emphasis being on the Silk Road shutdown by the media, we’ve found a significant misunderstanding of the terms Surface Web, Deep Web, and Dark Web. We hope that this posting can help guide you through these often confused terms and get a better understanding of how the web works. You’ll understand that Forbes’ definition of Dark Web content was indeed inaccurate. Starting with the Surface To start on our journey of the different aspects of the web, we’ll begin with the surface; the parts you’re most familiar with. Home. Politics and Security Services. We offer a wide range of services on politics and security in the Middle East, North Africa, East Asia, South America and Europe tailored to your needs.

Politics and Security Services

These run from comprehensive data collection, to regular foreign-language information updates, to country/sector-specific political risk assessment and commentary, including meticulously-researched analytical reports on nuclear futures, to bespoke, confidential analyses by our leading experts, on any political or security topic of your company’s choice.

These reports are based on multiple language sources and draw on the Ridgeway team’s decade-long experience of carrying out such work for leading international institutions. For any company seeking growth opportunities, it is essential not only to understand key developments in the global politics of today, but also to be alert to the embryonic trends that will shape the world of tomorrow. Improving Risk Assessment in Your Risk Management Strategy with OSINT. There’s a certain amount of risk in every business.

Improving Risk Assessment in Your Risk Management Strategy with OSINT

Just because there is risk, though, doesn’t mean you should throw caution to the wind. This is why businesses big and small hire risk managers. One of the best ways to strengthen your risk management strategy is with open source intelligence (OSINT). In this post we explore how OSINT can improve risk assessment. Risk Assessment & COSO At the foundation of most risk management strategies is the COSO cube. The cube builds a framework for risk managers to follow — from implementing their strategy to monitoring their results. Is the risk a massive threat or a minor issue? OSINT Effective Intelligence Gathering. OSINT Training by Michael Bazzell.

Location based social media search and monitoring. WebintPro - Web Intelligence Systems. Snaptrends – Location-Based Social Media Discovery. Home - InnoXcell. K&T Research Services Ltd. McAfee Institute: Online Courses - Certifications - Training. “My profession is cyber intelligence and I cannot speak highly enough about the quality, breadth, depth, and real-world applicability McAfee Institute programs offer.

McAfee Institute: Online Courses - Certifications - Training

Thank you!” Consulting Director at Poirier Roy et Associes Inc. “The CCIP was a great course and very up to date with the latest online investigation strategies and techniques. I would strongly recommend this certification for any investigator regardless of their education and experience. You will learn real world techniques that will be an asset to your organization, and will benefit your clients through the results you will achieve.” Director of Operations, Kaban Protective Services Inc. “I found the CORCI training to be delivered in a down to earth manner and full of actionable information. District Loss Prevention Manager “The service McAfee Institute provides is top quality – from the initial request and to the execution of the training activities. Open Source Intelligence and Research Association. ISS World Training - Intelligent Support Systems for Lawful Interception, Electronic Surveillance and Cyber Intelligence Gathering.

Toddington International Inc.Toddington International Inc. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) ; Reuser's Information Services ; Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Why OSINT?

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) ; Reuser's Information Services ; Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

You know the routine: you need information fast, you need it now, important decisions are waiting to be taken And you are in a hurry. You go to some search engine, enter a few terms and... are overwhelmed by millions of results and loosing valuable time. Arno H.P. Now what? The revolutionary approach to information designed, developed and practiced for many years by Reuser's Information Services is the solution. The method emphasizes a structured and stricly planned, systematic analysis of the OSINT research project to make sure that answers will be given within the required time frame.

The less the better Reuser's Method is aimed at bringing down millions of results with low relevance, to just a few results with high relevance. 15 November 2014Social Media Intelligence (SOCINT) Arno H.P. CONTINGENT SECURITY SERVICES, LTD. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Training. OSINT Methods & Techniques (4 days) Designed to provide trainees with the latest methods and techniques to improve the way they gather, process and report open source information and intelligence.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Training

Trainees will learn to: Analyse and deconstruct intelligence taskings, frame research requirements and focus collection activitiesLearn methods to collect, collate, and process open source informationLearn how to conduct source and content analysis, helping to challenge assumptions and create more rigorous reportsLearn how to communicate open source intelligence assessments clearlyConduct safe and optimised searching of online sources Social Media Intelligence (2.5 days) Develop a greater understanding of the dynamic social media landscape, along with the methods and tools that can assist the analyst in multi-platform social media searching, monitoring, and analysis. Advanced Analytical Techniques (2.5 days) MKGROUP.