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Marina's Memory Palace - The Madonnas of Leningrad. Brainsmart - Take a Walk in Your Mind. Memory Palaces – How To Pass Those Heavy Tests « New College – University of Toronto. It’s already November.

Memory Palaces – How To Pass Those Heavy Tests « New College – University of Toronto

I can’t believe it… time has gone by so quickly. Since many of us have upcoming exams or just want to do some extra study prep, here’s one of my favourite and most useful memory techniques, called memory palaces. If you’re a visual learner, you might find this technique quite handy in memorizing anything from images and faces to facts, dates, and data. You don’t have to be uber creative, and if you don’t have the greatest memory (a flaw I possess), this will be extremely helpful to your study process.

The use of memory palaces (or method of Loci) is a mnemonic device used to remember specific facts, objects or details in a specific visualization pattern. In other words, it uses the familiar to allow you to remember the unfamiliar. Getting Started: Start by visualizing a place you know like the back of your hand, such as your house, your high school, a friend’s house. You also need a list of things to memorize. Your final item is chapstick. Happy studying!

The Memory Palace System - The Minimalist Blog. As illustrated by the image above, memory is quite complex, but the more tools we have to harness our thoughts and power of recall, the simpler it becomes.

The Memory Palace System - The Minimalist Blog

I have been using the Memory Palace System for a few months now, but only for little things like grocery and topic lists (lists of points I want to make in a conversation or debate). However, recently I’ve been using it to memorize poetry, passages of the Bible, and other important documents, and have found that it has enabled me to memorize passages in less than half of the time it would normally. So a poem that would take 30 minutes to add to my mid/long- term memory now takes less than 15 minutes. There are, however, both advantages and disadvantages to the technique that we’ll discuss later. The History of the Memory Palace. Mappa.Mundi Magazine - Memory Palaces.

In the ancient Greek arts of rhetoric, memory was a science.

Mappa.Mundi Magazine - Memory Palaces

The science has an origin in what is surely myth. The poet Simonides of Ceos was hired by the noble Scopas to attend a formal banquet as a paid performer, singing a poem of praise of his host. As was the custom, Simonides began by first praising a pair of gods. After the performance, Scopas informed the poet that he would only get half of the agreed-upon fee, the other half he should get from the gods who had stolen the limelight. At that point, a messenger came in and told Simonides that a couple of athletic men on horseback were outside waiting for him.

The banquet hall was so badly destroyed that none of the diners could be recognized. Wiping Your Memory Palace, Sealing Important Data Permanently & Layering For Incredible Recall. First off I would like to take a minute to thank all of you for your continued support in my work.

Wiping Your Memory Palace, Sealing Important Data Permanently & Layering For Incredible Recall

Last month alone this blog maxed out at around 1.2 million views and my articles are about to be syndicated in some pretty amazing places. Thank you so much, every one of you. The following article has been one that people seem to have decided upon themselves. I’ve received droves of emails asking one basic question, and a very good one at that. Here is an sample of one such email: The memories are lasting longer than I thought (just today after going through my house in the real world, I looked at one of my “pegs” and surprisingly enough, the image flashed into my mind, and it was the weirdest one of them. I meant to write this article much sooner however things have been quite busy over here in my world. The Memory Palace – From Sherlock Holmes to Designing Your Own… Supercharging Your Memory Palace, New Palaces & Connecting the Labyrinths Within… So without further adieu let us begin. 1.